When gyms were forced to close their doors during the pandemic, fitness enthusiasts had to relocate their exercise regimens to their homes—Dillon and Alejandra Ivey included. But not only did their subsequent home gym journey allow them to stay healthy during COVID, it led to a business venture inspired by the realization that buying refurbished gym equipment beats paying for a pricey gym membership or waiting for new equipment amid supply chain breakdowns.


In 2019, Alejandra and Dillon met while working for a vitamin store franchise and quit their jobs when their business plan crystallized during COVID. “Neither of us have ever really been 9-to-5 people,” Dillon says. The Austin newlyweds and their husky hybrid Tala made Jarrell their new home on Christmas Eve that year, drawn by the affordability of the small community they had not previously heard of but have since grown to love. The Iveys had the added excitement of welcoming a baby girl, Azaria Willow, to their family in December.

The pandemic occurred a few months after their move and put many gyms on hiatus. “We needed somewhere to work out like everyone else in the world, so we started acquiring gym equipment on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to create a home gym space for ourselves,” Dillon says. As they grew their new space and navigated the hurdles of finding affordable yet high quality gym equipment, the couple decided to launch a business dedicated to helping others start or maintain cost-effective fitness routines in the safety and comfort of their own home. In July 2020, CTX Home Gyms joined the Central Texas fitness scene and welcomed gym goers to a new era of home fitness where there are no monthly membership fees or expensive contracts, and you will always be able to say, “I made it to the gym today!”

Post COVID, CTX Home Gyms’ growth has been driven by a paradigm shift in more people working from home or in their own small business wanting quick and easy access to commercial grade equipment. Plus, it can be more cost effective for employers to build a small office gym than pay for staff


Entrepreneurs to the core, Dillon and Alejandra are grateful to have engaged in a fulfilling venture that allows them to work for themselves while meeting a need for discount gym equipment. “We worked really hard to get to where we are, and we’re trying to grow a lot more,” Alejandra says. “We’re grateful for where we are at the moment. It’s been extremely rewarding.”

Dillon adds, “Right now, new gym equipment is really backed up due to supply chain breakdowns. It takes anywhere from six months up to a year to buy new commercial gym equipment, and it’s also extremely expensive. The average consumer is not able to entertain realistic expectations for new treadmills, ellipticals, or bikes for their home. That’s where we come in.”

CTX Home Gyms is a comprehensive solution for those who want the equipment they are used to seeing at their local gym without the long wait time and high prices of new equipment, or the headache that comes with installation. Dillon and Alejandra are also dedicated to putting in the time and effort to produce the kind of high quality they’ve seen lacking in other vendors in the industry. “We pride ourselves on cranking out the best of the best,” Dillon says.

Most of their treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and strength equipment come from gyms that are closing or replacing their equipment inventory. After being refurbished, the products are sent to a very diverse client base: homeowners in search of cardio equipment or a full home gym, large and small commercial gyms, hotels, condominiums, and apartment complexes. All customers receive white glove delivery and installation service. CTX Home Gyms offers start-to-finish design service to bring your home or commercial gym vision to life, including flooring, mirrors, equipment, even video and audio. “Our passionate team of trained professionals ensure you are taken care of professionally and safely through the entire process,” Dillon says.


CTX Home Gyms serves the greater Austin area. Scan the code to view the inventory or make an appointment to visit the warehouse to find the equipment you need to kick start your own fitness journey. 512-781-1416 • 4500 County Rd 305, Jarrell