In Tune with the Community

Precision Tune Auto Care Rolls into Town

After transforming three auto shops into community fixtures in Pflugerville, Cedar Park, and Austin with staff who are as passionate about creating relationships as they are about fixing cars, Jason Shilling is looking forward to bringing the same community-oriented auto shop experience to Jarrell. “We’re not just fixing cars. We’re helping people and building relationships,” he says. “Everyone needs an auto shop they can trust and feel good about going to. That’s the place we are—it’s our vision and mission.”

Jason has already spent a lifetime getting cars back on the road. From changing tires as a kid to opening his fourth auto shop in Central Texas, he notes the contrast between working for a corporate auto shop and a locally owned franchise, Precision Tune Auto Care. He says, “The difference between local and corporate is simple. Precision Tune cares for its employees as much as it cares about their customers.”

Jason’s first experience with Precision—a one-stop shop for a full range of auto services—was as manager of the Austin store. After proving himself there, he was given the opportunity to own the Pflugerville location and, under his leadership, it became the number one Precision store in Texas. Soon after, he purchased the Cedar Park and Austin stores as well. 


Jason credits the commitment and expertise of his long-time crews—whom he says have become like family—for the success of all three stores. But it was a surprise to no one that Jason himself facilitated hospice care for an employee with terminal cancer, and he and the other employees were by the man’s side nearly every day until he passed. “He had no family. We were his family,” Jason says. 

His business success has also been driven by a commitment to community involvement, particularly in Pflugerville. After a Rotarian encouraged him to join the community service organization, he quickly forged many relationships with residents and business owners. Membership opened the door to opportunities for Jason to give back to the community, from hosting school fundraisers to providing discounts for veterans and single moms. “That’s what we strive for, being trustworthy and helping people. I love being part of the community. When you do stuff for the community, it feels awesome. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you’re helping people.”

Jason is excited to bring the same dynamic to Jarrell after being encouraged by customers to set up shop in northern Williamson County. “Quite a few people came to my shops in Pflugerville and Cedar Park and said, ‘Come on Jason, open one in Jarrell.’ ”

Not one to disappoint, Jason opens Precision Tune Auto Care’s doors in Jarrell January 2. The new shop is located at I-35 and Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Jarrell, “a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from Georgetown.” 

Running a small-town Precision location will be a “crazy different adventure” compared to his other big-city shops, he says. “I can’t wait to see what this community is all about and what it’s going to grow into.”