Fitness for Anyone at Any Age

Get Age Fit is a full-service personal training studio offering high quality, one-on-one personal and couples training. We have been in business for 6+ years and many people in the community acknowledge owner and founder Theo Thurston as the go-to expert for fitness and training for older adults. As a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist, he saw a gap that needed to be filled in the community which led to his founding Get Age Fit, a studio dedicated to training couples and individuals of any age and fitness level. 

We provide a safe, clean environment and specialize in training clients ages 35 and better. Our trainers guide clients through every session so members don’t have to plan their workout. Another facet of our full service is in-house nutritional support like pre-workout drinks and post workout protein shakes. We also host social events to get the community involved in being active together and talk about goal setting, balance, body composition, relationships with food, and more! 

We understand that at an older age, the goal isn’t always to lift heavy or win a competition. Many times, it is to just move better, feel better, and improve quality of life. Our goal is to help clients reach whatever goals they have for themselves—keeping up with the grandkids, getting up and down the stairs more easily, or preventing falls and accidents. 

What Makes Get Age Fit Unique is a positive and uplifting gym environment. Many personal trainers don’t understand the type of training older clients need, which may ultimately lead to strain or injury. We know how to prioritize safety during our training sessions while still achieving progress. 

Who is a good fit for you? People of all ages and fitness levels—many of our clients are in their 50s and 60s. Whether you have been exercising your whole life or this is the first time, they will help you reach your goals! We host informative group presentations the 2nd Sunday of every month—upcoming meetings are January 8th and February 12th from 2pm to 3pm. New members receive a comprehensive starter kit to get a jumpstart on their fitness journey

What sets you apart from other gyms? Get Age Fit thinks outside traditional diet books or strategies that force you to starve yourself. We encourage healthy eating but also balance so you can still enjoy food and family. We create an environment in which working out is fun and doesn’t feel like work so sticking with it ends up being the easiest part!

Tell us a secret about your business. The best workout is the one that you’ll stick with! Plenty of studies declare they have the “best” training modality but, at the end of the day, consistency is KEY. An environment and community that supports your efforts and progress is where you’ll see lifelong changes!

204 S. I-35 STE 101, Georgetown • (512) 591-7817
Mon-Fri: 5am-8pm • Sat: 7am-6pm • Sun by appointment
Visit website. Facebook: GetAgeFit  •  Instagram: GetAgeFit/ @getagefit6248/featured