When Fortune Smiles

Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown

Clyde Brooks is used to giving, not receiving. As a single dad raising four children, he has always been laser focused on putting his family first. A proud man, he rationalized everyone has some kind of burden to bear and so, on a wing and a prayer, he would get through another day, keeping the “chink in his armor” to himself. 

Clyde never smiled 

Issues with his teeth forced him to always cover his mouth, drink with a straw, and be self-conscious of his chewing. Still, as resourceful as he was, he always seemed to find a more pressing need for the money he put aside for dental work—like putting his children through college. 

Working alongside his brother at the company his brother founded, Country Window Cleaning, Clyde got to know Dr. Mandy Holley. For years, they took time to chat when Clyde washed her windows at her home and office. 

One day, out of the blue, he asked her about dental plans and insurance. When she inquired about what his dental issues might be, he was hesitant to share. When he did, it released emotions he had been holding in for many years and they both found themselves in tears. 

It just so happened…

Each year, Dr. Mandy’s practice, Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, gives back to the community by bestowing the gift of a new smile to one deserving person. They ask only that, in return, the recipient pay it forward in his or her own way. 

Called Smile Freely, the program is now in its seventh year and about the time Dr. Mandy and Clyde had their chat, excitement was already building as she and her dentists, Dr. Mark Duncan and Dr. Krista DeCoursin (at right) and their eight team members, worked together to review possible candidates. Who would be chosen to receive a smile makeover at no cost? One name kept coming to mind and soon they were all in agreement. This year, they would help Clyde Brooks find his smile again. 

A new beginning

As Clyde remembers it, he scheduled an appointment at Aesthetic Dentistry for an exam and initial discussion about payment plans to improve his smile. When the doctors shared their decision, it took him some time to comprehend that his new smile would be a generous gift from this practice. This big, strong man, who had hidden so much of himself for so long, shed tears of joy and, when he did, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 

This relationship-based practice—known for its unique approach to dentistry, which incorporates a person’s emotional, mental, and physical health—got right to work. Clyde agreed to the two to six month commitment to lifestyle changes and better health. Practice owner, Dr. Mandy, covered the costs of materials and, this year, Dr. Mark donated his time to do the dental work. The rest of the team joined in to support Clyde in any way they could. 

Today, Clyde has a lot to smile about, starting with learning how to smile openly again, and it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Slowly, his confidence and self-esteem, hidden for so long, have begun to re-emerge and he is becoming the man he always knew he could be. He is happy to be the father who makes his children proud, he’s lost 60 pounds, feels and looks great, and still can’t believe how blessed he has been. 

Changing lives

Dr. Krista DeCoursin, Dr. Mandy Holley, Dr. Mark Duncan (photos courtesy Aesthetic Dentistry)

Although Aesthetic Dentistry opened 17 years ago and may be one of the older practices in the area, Dr. Mark says their distinctive approach to their craft is what sets them apart. Their team of younger dentists has made a personal commitment to their continuing dental education. Though they do accept insurance, their self-pay services allow them to offer alternatives to insurance company mandates.

Investing in state-of-the-art technology keeps them on the cutting edge. This includes two new pieces of equipment that each sell for as much as a Lamborghini. Dr. Mark says , in just one visit, a patient’s images can be loaded into a software program, resulting in a crown that can be made and fitted into the patient’s mouth, all before the anesthetic wears off. 

The Aesthetic Dentistry team starts every day with a morning huddle. They review the day’s schedule and share any “wins,” aiming to start the day on a positive note. Dr. Mandy says their practice is all about relationships, first and foremost. Ask what makes them the proudest and they will tell you it’s when they receive a patient review that simply states, “They treated me like family.” 

So, If you’re looking for a dental office where you are treated like a person and not a number, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown at 512-819-9100.

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