“Victories” over Stress

A few months ago, when going to a grocery store was a major undertaking, only to find empty shelves, many people took steps to take back some control. Georgetown, like many other towns around, has seen a proliferation of new “victory” chicken coops and gardens. And why not—backyard chickens eat your pests and make breakfast.

While not a common name any more, victory gardens are an old idea. During World War I, Americans were encouraged to sow on whatever land (or dirt) they had available to prevent food insecurity. Even city dwellers built window boxes or potting racks to add fresh things to their diets. Victory gardens not only provide food, but also allow gardeners to feel in control of something in an anxious time. 

The experts agree. Nate Kleinman of the Experimental Farm Network says, “The ability to grow your own crops can alleviate stress and anxiety.” For a little local proof, Georgetown’s Hillside Nursery owner Rosie Serna reports her business is thriving.

Above, JP3 Evelyn McLean’s grandson Tyler is just 3 years old, but he helped his parents build a new chicken coop on the family farm, and is already learning how to nurture the earth to help with that additional sense of security. 

Plus—at any age—it’s really fun to play in the dirt or spray with the hose. 

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