“Twin” Flag Will Celebrate America

When Sun City’s Randy Mongold retired for the second time, he wondered, Is this it?… Do I just watch ‘Murder She Wrote’ with my wife for the next ten years? As it happened, he was not long for relaxing. Being curious, and a patriot, he asked Siri where in the United States he could find the largest flag. Her response was the 9,800 square foot flag hoisted on a 400-foot pole (facing page), built by Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan, Wisconsin after the September 11 attacks. 

Inspired by the story and the site, Randy set about creating the Inspiration Park Foundation, a non-profit that will build and support a second American flag monument in north Georgetown. Randy’s plan will also include a park (below) with a mission to celebrate freedom, hope, and honor. 


Much like the Sheboygan project, Randy’s mission is to show his gratitude for the great country in which we live and work, and, as a former President of Georgetown Rotary, he is often inspired by others’ hard work and creativity. He says, “So many of us are interested in what Old Glory represents. Unlike holidays or observances that come and go on the calendar, this park will pay tribute every day, and will be inspiring people 100 years from now.” 


rendering courtesy Randy Mongold

Randy was very intentional about the plans and dimensions of his tower and flag. “I don’t want to build it 401 feet tall­—it’s not about competing with Wisconsin—only to have someone build a 402-foot tower. When I spoke to Acuity, they were happy about our Foundation and having a ‘sister’ option and they have been extremely generous in sharing best practices. We are even using the same builder and we have been fortunate, as they didn’t have a model to work from, to have the benefit of learning from their mistakes.” 

The major difference between the two will be the park, located at the intersection of IH-35 and CR143, on 5.5 acres donated by Trey Tap, President of Champion Site Prep. More than just a flagpole, Inspiration Park will include a wall of history, memorial brick plaza; air conditioned restrooms, meeting space and information center; and audio equipment in place for ceremonies and entertainment. Randy says, “I didn’t want people to just drive up, take a selfie, and leave. We will provide plenty of reasons to stay, enjoy, and reflect.” 

His plans also include parking for buses, RVs, and more than 200 cars that will bring tourists to the area—or motivate them to stop in town and eat-stay-play—and will all but guarantee that Texas continues to represent hope and possibilities to people from all over the United States.

“I am really excited about this project. It could be something that makes an incredible statement about our City. We love our country, and we love our flag.”

Mayor Josh Schroeder


Randy’s foundation is a 501(c)3 and is in the fundraising phase while he awaits municipal approvals. He expects to complete construction and raise the flag in late 2022 or early 2023.  


The park’s Memorial Brick Plaza is an opportunity for everyone to be a permanent part of the grounds. Approximately 50,000 bricks will make up the circular walkway around the park. Once the park is built, engraving equipment will remain onsite to engrave bricks in place for $100. There are three sections; military honors, park donors, and commemorative family or favorite causes. Randy explains, “We hope the walkway will reflect the patriotism of residents and visitors alike. It’s a wonderful gift idea because it will last for decades.” 


The history panels will be covered by a tension ring, large enough to cover a football field, to provide shade. Panels will include national and wartime history from 1776 to today, with room to add or modify more. As well, the indoor information room will have video presentations explaining how the park came to be and how it was all accomplished. 

For now, the Foundation invites you to visit the website and tell them how you think you can help. They will add all contacts to the e-mail distribution and share regular updates.