The New Normal • Buy American and Texan

For some time, surveys have indicated many people prefer to pay lower prices than buy American. 

For the past few months, however, trends indicate that opinion is changing. And, although sales of U.S. flags are at a new high since 2001, this new trend is not just about patriotism. 


JOBS Buying American provides jobs for thousands of people, across generations, who live and work in the same cities. Those cities flourish because manufacturing generates more economic activity than any other sector; for every $1 spent in U.S. manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy. 

INDEPENDENCE When we produce our own goods, we are not obligated to enter into trade agreements, butas a leader in any industry, when we do engage, our negotiating position is stronger. This is also true in diplomatic circles; being product-independent means we are not obligated to compromise politically with countries with whom we have no need to trade.

Benefits to You

QUALITY You already know you get what you pay for. While price tags may often be higher for domestic products, the cost per use is actually often lower—the made in USA quality will last longer than a foreign-made alternate. “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, craftsmanship, and superior products. 


There are actually three parts to buying American; who owns the company, where the materials come from, and who assembled the final product. You may have to do a little research to determine the life cycle of your purchase. 

Be on the lookout for the way products are labeled. “Made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA” assume different things. Some businesses use the “assembled” label with the flag, but that could mean the materials and manufacturing was sourced elsewhere. Some foreign-based companies include a USA flag sticker to influence buyers to pay more for an inferior product, so it is important to look for the words. Also note “Made in America” means the product may be from Mexico or Canada (e.g., Saltine Crackers); only “Made in USA” means it was made here at home. 


A product’s origin may not be so easy when you’re not in a store and able to check labels. Below are some familiar companies that source and manufacture in the United States. Plus, when you visit Amazon, start on the “Made in the USA” page. 

Weber • American Plastic • KitchenAid • Fiesta • Crayola • Pepperidge Farm • New Balance • Burt’s Bees • Zippo • Wilson • Benjamin Moore Paint • Pyrex • L.L. Bean • Smith & Wesson • Merle Norman • Hallmark • Gorilla (glue) • Channelock

For bonus points, you can help maintain Texas’ status as the #1 exporting state in the U.S. by purchasing products produced or manufactured here… 

Tyson (meat) • Bayer • Emerson Electric • Blue Bell • Bimbo Bakeries • Igloo • Frito-Lay • H-E-B • Owens Corning • 3M • Goodyear • Mary Kay