Sun City Superfans

A sea of blue covers the stands at many Georgetown High School games as Sun City residents come out to cheer their Eagles on to victory. Win or lose, students know they can count on the unconditional love of their substitute grandparents, also known as the Eagle Boosters Club. “We know you like to win and for us to do our best, but you never withhold your love when we fall short,” coaches wrote to their Sun City fans. “You’re part of the incredible village we call Georgetown, which is what it takes to raise healthy young people.”

Founded in 1998, the Eagle Boosters promote and facilitate Sun City residents’ participation in GHS athletic events and social gatherings for members and players. Sun City fans rooting for their hometown athletes even once turned the tide of a basketball game. Club President Dick Lenning shares, “We were in the playoffs and our girls were not playing well. Coach [Rhonda] Farney called a timeout, turned the girls around to face us and said, ‘See these people? They are not your grandfathers or grandmothers, they are not your aunts or uncles. They don’t have to be here. They are here because of you. Are you going to let them down?’ The girls broke the huddle and came out playing like they were going to slay a dragon.”

The club’s support means the world to players, many of whom remember their Sun City cheerleaders long after their GHS journey is over. Member Kathy Lenning recalls a man stopping by their table at an event after hearing about the club from his pharmacist, a former GHS athlete. “I wanted to find out what she was talking about,” he said.

Four annual socials keep club members and students connected: the Football Kickoff, Volleyball Slam, Basketball Tip-off, and Softball Batter-Up. But they don’t wait for events and games to connect, whether it’s Christmas caroling together or students delivering groceries to homebound members and sending get well cards to sick residents. Coach Farney says the connection is “the best of both worlds for both groups. Our student athletes sometimes fill a void for Sun City residents when their grandchildren live far away or they don’t have kids. They have young people who look up to and appreciate them.”


High-fives, hugs, cheers, unwavering support from Eagle Boosters —all things coaches and players missed during the last few years. “The most normal thing since the pandemic was seeing each of you in the stands. We love our ‘Sea of Blue!’ ” coaches wrote to the club. Kathy says, “It means a lot to the kids, and I guarantee it means a lot to the members.”

While COVID diminished the group’s membership—at one point it had more than 250 members—Dick and Kathy appreciate the more intimate circle that now has 121 members. “Everyone gets to know everyone. We all sit together at the games. Even if you don’t know your neighbors, you know they’re a Sun City Booster.”

Future Sun City Eagle Boosters can call Dick Lenning at 512-819-9318 to learn more about the club.