Resolutions, Goals & Wishes

With a sigh of relief we say goodbye to 2020 and hope for better things this year. No doubt some of our resolutions may be different this time, extending beyond the usual weight loss and fitness goals. Maybe we are simply hoping to spend more time with loved ones, and be thankful for every new day.

Enjoying time with friends outside Mesquite Creek Outfitters, Josh Olson wishes he might “wake up January 1 and COVID’s gone.” But his resolution is “to make next year better than this year.”

Robert Stebbins is resolved to “keep enjoying life and stay positive,” while his wife Cherie is determined to have “no more dogs.” With five pups, the two feel they’ve reached their limit on furry friends.

Trish Voigt is transforming her usual dieting aim into a goal to help restaurants. “Every year I try the weight loss thing,” she said while selling hair accessories at the city’s Market Day in November. This year, she wants to help small businesses stay afloat by getting more to-go meals from restaurants instead of doing her own cooking. “I hate that a lot of restaurants are struggling. I want to see my favorite places not go away. It’s heartbreaking. I know they work hard to stay open.”

Lesli Fitzpatrick says she is a committed optimist and her resolution is “To continue to have hope in our country and our future.” 

For sisters and educators Rachel and Sarah, their goal is to persevere in their teaching. Rachel, a teacher at Cedar Ridge HS, and Sarah, a Hutto HS teacher, have had to juggle both in-person and virtual classes, which they say is a challenging learning experience. Since neither is certain about what might unfold in the 2021 school year, their goal is to “just get through it.”

On the other side of the school desk, Jack Dombroski, a homeschooled senior, wants to grow in his faith, be less angry and judgmental, and win a competition for a full scholarship to Colorado Christian University. 

Sun City residents Sue DeVillez and Ann Bradley are resolved to learn something new every day and inspire others to have hope.