Raise the Woof and Pawty!

by Megan Diane Beatty

Attention Canine Patrons!
Having a ruff day? Grab your hoomans and head to the Dog House Drinkery where they can sit… and enjoy a beer while you make some new paw pals. At Dog House, canines come first! 

3800 County Road 175 Leander • Across from Williamson County Regional Park

You no longer have to leave your dog at home to enjoy a drink out with your friends. Dog parks with biergartens are popping up all over the country, marrying canine hangout time with happy hour and Williamson County is no exception. Since 2012, Dog House Drinkery & Dog Park on CR 175 in Leander has been marshaling a loyal following of canine and human customers, and summer is a great time to visit. The 2.5-acre dog park and bar are shaded by towering oak trees and awash with tennis balls and water bowls.  


At first, dog mom Jodie Hooks began frequenting Dog House as a patron. “I fell in love with the vibe of the place, and I brought my own fur baby at least three times a week. I thought it was the perfect scenic and safe setting for my dog and me. 

Luckily, at that time, the original owners were in the market to sell, and Jodie was in the market to purchase. “I was lucky they chose to sell to me because a lot of people wanted to buy the property. They vetted me pretty hard because they wanted to make sure that their dream and legacy were carried out with the right person.”

Round of a-paws 

They certainly made the right choice. Identifying as a dog park that happens to have a bar, Jodie’s mission is to cater to the doggos first. “I love being the provider of a community dog park where dogs can run safely off their leashes, get to know other dogs, work out, play, smell things, and enjoy the atmosphere. Humans just come with the dogs,” she laughs. “It gives me goosebumps to see returning dogs dragging their owners into the park with their tails wagging and ears sticking straight up because they genuinely love it here.”  

Okay, maybe Jodie and friends like humans a little bit. Every Wednesday is Trivia Night. The games begin at 7pm and they announce the topics ahead of time so patrons can decide which will be their lucky night. Prizes include free beer and gift items, plus bragging rights for the winners while their dogs play in the park. The human side also hosts fundraising events year-round, including a swimsuit and Halloween costume contest. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for trivia topics and the most up-to-date events.


  • Two dogs may play per person, per visit. 
  • The off-leash dog park is membership only. Day passes can be purchased for $8 per dog; yearly passes are available for $150. The annual pass is just $30 for a second dog. 
  • The main park area is a fenced half-acre with plenty of shade and an inside-the-fence bar. 
  • A separate area connected to the main park is reserved for dogs under 30 pounds. 
  • The front area of the property includes a 10,000 square foot off-leash space used for adoptions, training, yappy hours, birthday parties, and other general use. 
  • Dogs are always welcome in the bar area. 
  • Well-trained park attendants armed with water bottles are on the lookout for dogs who “pawty” too hard. 
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the off-leash area but there are plenty of activities in the front of the park.


Last month, Dog House held their fifth annual Summer Splash Party fundraiser for the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. 

photo courtesy: Dog House Drinkery

Attendees enjoyed swimming pools, doggie ice cream, raffles, and a swimsuit contest for the dogs. 

Awards included “Dog most likely to get chased down the beach by a seagull.”