Queen (for a day) of Diamonds

Elaine Davenport Throws Out the First Pitch

Elaine Davenport decided to make The Hacienda at Georgetown her new home and she received a special welcome from the senior community for being its first resident. Last month, she was invited to throw the first pitch at Dell Diamond during the Round Rock Express vs. Sugar Land Space Cowboys game. “My brother asked, ‘What’d you do to get that honor?’ ‘I signed up for the Hacienda,’ ” she says with a laugh.

Getting to enjoy the game with her future neighbors made it even more memorable. “Watching Elaine interact with other members, it seems like they’ve been friends their whole lives,” Hacienda Executive Director Annika DiNovi says, calling Elaine their biggest cheerleader as they prepare to open next year. “Elaine and so many of our members are creating this community before it’s even built, which is really fun to watch.”

“It was awesome having all my friends and the people from The Hacienda there,” Elaine says. “Scary too because I had to throw that ball or make a fool of myself.” But making the pitch and getting a hug from the catcher, she says, “that was worth it all.” She asked him to sign her ball, saying, “You may be in the Major League one of these days.”

While she admits she isn’t normally, “I was a big fan of baseball the other day. Being the age I am, I will never forget this experience. It was a lifetime experience and an honor.”