Poppy Talks: “Unity” I Can Appreciate

Without expressing my opinions about the current national conversation that focuses on unity (mostly because this magazine only has 68 pages), I do want to take a stab at some stuff we maybe already had in common…. ‘cause we’re human ‘n all. 

Whether it’s kettle chips or kale chips, we all have those precious half-dozen-or-so things in the pantry that we never allow ourselves to run out of. 

If you don’t say “wed-nez-day” in your head when you write it out, you’re totally lying. 

Admit it, there were a few times in life you peeked around the shower curtain to make sure there was no one in the room. Modern day… you probably (or should) have a sticky note covering your webcam, just in case. 

We fall asleep on the couch and decide to stay there all night because, if we walk to the bed, we lose all our “sleepy.” 

It’s really annoying that everyone in the neighborhood knows when you’re trying to sneak one of the danishes in those covered plastic, impossibly tight grocery store trays. 

We all have that friend or relative we need only look at, when someone does something stupid, to know, “Yeah, we’re totally going to talk about that later.” 

Most people want to be told “Happy Birthday” but most of us don’t want to have to actually tell anyone that it’s today. 

Maybe one of the reasons we don’t use much cash any more is the mild panic attack we have when people are staring and rolling their eyes while we try to put away the bills and the coins and the receipt without dropping it all over the place. Or, when you give the cashier exact change, you have to say, “I think that’s right…” 

We all have at least a partial pile of t-shirts we don’t wear but won’t throw away. 

The only time I’m good at math is when I wake up in the night a dozen times and calculate, to the minute, how much more sleep I can get if I fall back to sleep immediately. 

Open birthday card, in front of gifter. Try really hard to focus on the nice message. Do not be obvious about trying to read the amount on the check.  

Am I the only one wishing I could be a child and someone would tell me to go to my room when company arrives? 

That awkward moment when you insist someone hear/see/read something that changed your life, and, a minute in, you have to say, “Wait, it gets better.” 

Admit it, you’ve Googled yourself. And, perhaps, thought the page 1 results should have been different. 

When you feel like you typed the password incorrectly, you have to delete the whole thing because you have no idea which character might have been wrong. 

How often have you clicked the “Public View” of your social media profile to see what you might think of yourself as a stranger? 

For dog and cat people… no matter how many pets you have in your life, there will always be that one perfect pup/kitty by whom all the others are measured.

Barney (a.k.a. Poppy’s best dog ever)

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