Poppy Talks: Pondering Some More

My Love asked me for some change to do laundry recently and I told him I would dig into my coin bank. I gave him a handful of quarters and said it was a tough thing because I like having lots of quarters. Admit it, you always count the quarters first too. Dimes are annoying to count because they’re small, nickels just aren’t worth much, and don’t even get me started on pennies. Then he actually said “Yeah, me too.” So, as it often does for Poppy, it got me to pondering the things we do or prefer but don’t really recognize some things are actually ‘a thing’. For instance, and I’ve seen this in a meme… we all have a favorite burner on the stove. The one that is crusty and has food under it cause we always use that one first. 

Other things I know about me…if I had five minutes to live and had to pick the last song I’d ever listen to, I’d spend four minutes trying to decide which song, then another minute thinking about three other songs that would have been better choices. 

Something I will never un-hear since it occurred to me…ever notice when someone tries to talk while in mid-yawn, they sound just like Chewbacca? You’re welcome. 

Do you wait for someone else to disappear from the Zoom call at the end of the meeting so it doesn’t look like you were the only person who couldn’t wait to get out of the room? Or, on the flip side, there are just one or two others and you’re all staring awkwardly at each other while trying to find the END CALL button. 

Are you ever actually making a sound when you text “lol” or is it really more like “YTITMA” (yes, that is mildly amusing)? Of course, often while I’m on my phone I realize I’ve been scrolling for 15 minutes and I really just looked at it to see what time it is. 

Next time you pick up a pair of tongs, do your very best not to give them a few test clicks…meanwhile, for all my Gen-X people, I’m going to do my best to remember, when I hear someone was born in nineteen-eighty-anything, that he or she is not still a teenager today. P.S. – Did we ever decide if Ross and Rachel were on a break?

I do enjoy having random conversations about Chinese food or cowboy boots just to see how many hundreds of times soy sauce and Tecovas ads will pop up in my social media feed for the next month. 

I have no idea what to say or how to act around a person I had a dream about the night before. Especially if I have no business or reason to be dreaming about that person and, in my head, I’m pretty sure he or she somehow knows I had the dream and thinks I’m a stalker. 

This one is kind of recent, although not entirely crazy. I rehearse Clint Eastwood scenarios in my head to plan my reactions and responses if someone breaks into my home then inevitably realize the reality will be more like Vinnie Barbarino… all I will really do is look blank and say “Whuh?” “Way-ah?” 

Am I the only one who can’t help saying, “Thank you” to Siri or Alexa because my Southern upbringing doesn’t reflexively differentiate being polite to an electronic device executing a command via 1s and 0s?

I even think it’s sweet that she responds with, “My pleasure.” I may replace my own you’re welcomes with that.  

The moment you hear Morgan Freeman’s name, you can hear his voice. Don’t believe me? Morgan Freeman once said, “I went to a small town and murdered a whole family with a butter knife.” You just read that in his voice and you know it’s going to be a good movie. 

If you’re like me, you spend at least some of your time wishing you could come up with a meme that is so original, creative, hilarious, and true that it will live on the Internet forever. I’m not sure what skill set that is because I probably publish a half-million words a year and I’ve yet to come up with a good one.

I got a text this morning at 7:13. I was awake but I got so aggravated that he assumed I was and/or didn’t care if he woke me up. Same thing happens after 10pm. Yes, I could put it on silent but I might miss some kind of emergency, which is what early morning and late night texts and calls are supposed to be… right? 

I guess there’s no need to ponder any more. I’m definitely just becoming a quirky old woman before my time.