Plants for Window Boxes

Window boxes make for the perfect design elements to the exterior of your home.
With the right flowers, they can serve as a stunning focal point of your backyard. 

Window boxes are sure to catch some attention this spring. Before filling your boxes, it is important to know the growing habits and requirements of the plants you plan to use. Be sure to consider the sunlight, shade, and watering needs of each, as well as bloom time.


If your window is exposed to full sunlight, you have many options. From vinca to marigolds, you can find flowers with gorgeous combinations of green foliage and colorful petals. 

Geraniums are low-maintenance bloomers that generally reach about 12″—the perfect option if you’re looking to add a little height.

A slightly shorter option is the petunia. These beauties grow 4-12″ and, like the geranium, come in a trailing variety that can help you put together a flower box overflowing with vibrant colors.


If your box will be located in partial or full shade, choose shade-loving plants such as impatiens, begonias, or calladiums for maximum impact. All of these are available in a full range of colors and tones, making matching the hue of your home easy. Find flowers with pops of bright pinks and purples if you’re looking to make a dramatic statement near your home’s entry or any other prominent spot.