People • Ricky Poe: In Business for Goodness’ Sake

Ricky Poe and his family try hard to provide good quality with good prices in their business. The real dream, Ricky says, is to build relationships and help people. 

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“We buy and sell precious metals, stones, and coins. We are also a Safe Place where people can conduct private transactions with confidence that we have their back.” Every member of the Poe family works in the store, including their two dogs. 

Ricky and family discovered, when they opened their doors, that the business is a place of fulfillment. “I feel good about protecting people in their financial and business decisions. We take special care with vulnerable folks because jewelry is often very closely tied to people and relationships.” 

He says it is not unusual for a customer to sell an estate piece or inherited ring to be able to afford medicine or rent. “That’s a profound truth in this business, it’s never been about the commerce. I wouldn’t be fulfilled just to service jewelry needs.” 

The bottom line for the Poe business is making only as much as they need because when he’s not working with his family, Poe focuses on his first, and entirely different, calling.


Ricky is now in his 33rd year working for ministries in and around law enforcement. He is the Senior Chaplain for the UT Police Department and Official Chaplain of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Having felt the call to service, he discovered law enforcement was his lane. “I found it deeply profound to be in the trenches with the unique and serious issues of law enforcement; helping and caring for them and bringing them to a better place.” Wherever he has ministered to people, he has always been connected to law enforcement.


As a jeweler, Ricky and family take pride in being able to help people individually, and the community at large. “I worked in my brother’s jewelry business for many years and have always been connected to it. Our store allows me to continue ministering to people while supporting my family. I see my business as a channel to do things I really want to do to help humanity the way I know best.” 

As a small business owner, the Poe family supports many city and county non-profit organizations with their time, talent, and treasure. Anyone who frequents local fundraisers will have heard the store mentioned in donation and sponsor lists. “It is inherent in me to want to give. This store is my connection to people in the community, and it gives me a means and a channel to get to know their needs to I can use what I have to help. I give back to the community as a business owner, neighbor, and chaplain, and I truly believe you reap what you sow, so I plan to continue sowing plentifully.” 

Ricky and his family own and operate Georgetown Jewelry in the Williamsburg Shopping Center on Williams Drive. They buy and sell custom-designed jewelry. Visit them at

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