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photos courtesy of Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown

Every patient has a unique story, and Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown is proud to help each one maintain, restore, or rebuild oral health in the most informative and compassionate way. Founded in 2005, they have always been focused on patient-centered relationships, and taking the time to care for people who really need it. 


Not content to simply provide quality care and services, Drs. Mandy and Mark give back to the Georgetown Community in a profound way. This year, they are celebrating the 6th annual Smile Freely program, which provides one deserving patient each year with a complete smile makeover at no cost, to help that person find their smile again. “We know the need is out there. We’ve been blessed with great patients and a great team, and we wanted to find a way to pay that forward. The best way to do that is to apply our skillset to help people trapped by their smile.” 

The doctors look for people who can articulate what it would mean to have their dental problems fixed, but also are willing to commit 2-6 months, make lifestyle changes, and reclaim a smile that was holding them back in their life and their goals. Dr. Mark explains, “Our smile is a big part of who we are. If you don’t smile—it’s unintentional—but you may be judged as an unhappy person, and perhaps not someone people want to hire or work with.” 


When Alisa’s dental problems reached a point that she could only eat certain foods, she assumed the problems couldn’t be fixed. “I had dealt with my teeth for so long, I had honestly just given up,” she says, but this eager nurse had big plans for her life and was ready for a life change. 

Dr. Mark says one of the things that touched them about Alisa’s story was her desire to foster-to-adopt. She was fully committed to that goal, including quitting cigarettes right away and for good. Plus, when her treatment was completed she began paying it forward right away. “My brother had problems with his teeth. Mine were more severe, but he is an executive, so I took care of his treatments to help him with his professional image.” 

Today, Alisa is fostering an infant son and his 11-year-old sister and is reveling in being able to pour herself into their young lives. “People tell me all the time I have a beautiful smile. One of my patients reached out and told me she was always fearful of dentists but if I could do it, she could too. I’m even leading two small groups at my church; it has really changed me.” 

She still visits the doctors sometimes because, she adds, “They are like family. If you want to feel at home at your dentist, they are life-changing.” 


Dr. Mandy smiles to remember Melissea’s reveal, “It was amazing. We all cried because she didn’t ask, just came in to fix her mouth and was prepared to pay for it.”

Melissea says her life has definitely changed for the better and she loves all the glowing compliments. “My new confidence opened many doors for me. My mortgage business has grown, so we moved to Houston for bigger business opportunities. Plus, I never felt like my outward appearance was something for video, but I stepped out on faith and did a radio show that turned into a video podcast. When I watched myself on the monitor, I couldn’t help but smile the whole time.”

Melissea is happy she is no longer held back by self-conscious thoughts; she doesn’t cover her mouth, or look down when she talks. “A few years ago I would have been A-OK wearing a mask, but last year I was like, Man, you want me to cover this up? For anyone who felt like me a few years ago, I can tell you; just do it!” 

SMILE 2021 • Brandy

Brandy (below) smiles at the irony of being glad people are wearing masks all the time these days and says she nearly dropped the phone when they told her she would receive the Smile Freely treatments.

When she came from Dallas to see the doctors at Aesthetic Dentistry, she had been self-conscious about her smile for some time and had seen several places for a solution. “When I was a kid, we didn’t go to the dentist much; I didn’t have my first visit until age 17, and later had a regular prescription that contributed to tooth decay.“ 

When she became a mom, she saved her money to make sure her daughter’s teeth were perfectly cared for, to the detriment of her own. “It hurt to chew, particularly sweet things, and cold things are exaggerated. Plus, I grind my teeth.”

Brandy was not happy with solutions other dentists proposed to help regain her smile for her job in retail sales. “One just wanted to fix my front teeth to improve my appearance, another said he needed to work on my whole mouth.” She was disappointed because, at 40, she felt she was too young for a full set of dentures. “What Drs. Mark and Mandy did for me is not just the confidence that comes with a good smile, I also have a healthier mouth. With my background in education and my new smile, I am fully prepared for the management position I have been working toward for several years, and perhaps be a teacher in my next chapter. I wouldn’t have the confidence to be in front of students without good teeth.” 

Brandy was pleased to have her daughter at  her ‘reveal’ appointment and she cried when she saw the big and very dramatic difference in her smile. She is enjoying wonderful feedback; “My smile is back where it was and I feel more confident trying new things I wouldn’t otherwise. The experience exceeded what I expected, and the results far outweigh any discomfort and any anxiety I had about what it might look like.” 

She gives all the staff and doctors much credit for her amazing look; “I am most pleased that everything looks completely natural. They did a great job matching the size of my mouth and teeth, and I even brush and floss the way I always have. I’m sleeping better, I don’t grind as much so I have less jaw pain and headaches. And I’m not grumpy anymore! They treated me like family and there are no words for the gratitude I feel for being chosen and getting this wonderful gift.“ 

Brandy is eager to continue self-care to maintain the great work the doctors did. “When your outside looks good, you want to keep it going.”

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