Georgetown in 2023

“What makes Georgetown distinctive?” consultant Ron Cox asked City Council members.

“When Barbara and I moved here, we had an assumption that we would spend time in Austin to do this or that. We don’t go to Austin,” Councilman Ron Garland says.

“I think it’s self-sufficient. There’s not really many reasons you have to leave Georgetown to buy something,” Councilman Mike Triggs says.

“You can live, work, go to school, have fun, all in the same community. I think, when you experience those things together, you begin to realize how rare it is,” Mayor Josh Schroeder says.

How Pickleball Got its Name

In our story on 40 Exercises-in-Disguise to try, we list pickleball as one fun way to start working out more. But how did the popular sport get its name? It has nothing to do with the sour snack; rather, it came from either a dog or a boat. 

Some are adamant that it was inspired by Pickles, game founder Joel Pritchard’s dog, while others insist it was drawn from his wife Joan’s suggestion to name it for the pickle boat of rowing (a crew consisting of random, available racers) since pickleball is a mix of several games, including badminton, tennis, and Ping-Pong. 

Joel’s daughter Peggy agreed the name didn’t come from the dog because the game started before they adopted the pup—it was just easier than trying to explain a pickle boat. 

What Makes a Texan “Texan”?

Host a tailgate party: Enjoy this pre-game celebration on the tailgate of your pickup truck in stadium parking lots during football season in the fall.