Neighbors Helping Neighbors

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” 

Mr. (Fred) Rogers

As residents and businesses everywhere opened their doors…and their hearts… like Granger Smith, who paid for 50 pizzas for people without power to pick up at 600 Degrees, and Gumbo’s owners opening their kitchen and pantry for food pickup and power for charging… Councilmember Kevin Pitts and many of his neighbors went door to door in Berry Creek, twice, to help residents clear felled branches and limbs. 

More than 60 people across much of west Georgetown showed up with chainsaws, clippers, and trucks to prove, once again, that Georgetown is a great place to live. Crews cut, cleared, and saved anything big enough for firewood, then dragged the rest curbside for the city to pick up at no cost. Kevin spent much of the week organizing volunteers, but also responding to hundreds of inquiries from residents, and posting Live videos on Facebook, often sitting in his truck for hours to keep his phone charged and online. 

Block Captain Tony Vonboekhout said, “We are all happy to help. Information in days like this is critical, and while many people seem to distrust government, it is refreshing to have Kevin. He was there for us, many times, every day, and it was a comfort to count on him for information, however good or bad. He’s a good leader and I’m glad I live in Georgetown.” 

Residents on the east side say Councilmember Rachel Jonrowe provided the same frequent updates, even if there was nothing new to report, simply to reach out and reassure people that she was with them.