National Christmas Tree Visit

Thanks to GISD Trustee Elizabeth McFarland, who called Councilman Kevin Pitts, who called Tourism Manager Cari Miller, who called the National Park Service… the 2019 Capitol Christmas Tree dazzled 6,000 visitors on the Square at a quick whistle stop November 17. Driver Ricardo Martinez said Georgetown was his biggest celebration so far. 

The tree was on its way from Carson National Forest in New Mexico to Washington D.C.  U.S. Capitol Tree Day—by proclamation of the Mayor—included music, kids crafts, and all manner of food and drink. Visitors were also able to meet Santa and two of his reindeer. 

The 60-foot tree made several stops on its journey, and arrived in the Nation’s Capital November 25th. The Capitol Tree is the centerpiece of the Pageant of Peace on the Capitol Mall, which features 70 companion trees; one for each state and more. This year, the Texas tree will feature a “Red Poppy Festival” ornament. 

The tradition of the Capitol Christmas Tree, or “The People’s Tree,” began in 1964 when Speaker of the House John W. McCormack placed a live Christmas tree on the Capitol lawn. In 1970, the Capitol Architect asked the U.S. Forest Service to provide a Christmas tree. Since then, different national forests in 22 states have been chosen to provide the annual evergreen.

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