Nancy Hill: New Director of the Williamson Museum

Nancy Hill, the new Executive Director of the Williamson Museum is a lover of virtually any kind of museum and seeks them out wherever she lives or travels. 

If you have not been to the Williamson Museum in a while, you have not been to the Williamson Museum. It is always changing and preparing something new.

Nancy Hill

Georgetown is fortunate to call her “neighbor” and that she will take the helm this month at the museum. If you have ever eschewed visiting museums because they seem austere, imagine one run by a person with the smarts of Eleanor Roosevelt, and  the zazz of a Kelly Clarkson you want to hang out with. 

Having moved to Georgetown last summer to be close to family, Nancy radiates an energy about the museum that is only outshined by her delight at living here; a place she says is “like the part in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when things become technicolor.” 

“I was disappointed to leave a job I had loved for 17 years because of the pandemic,” she says, “but I have embarked on a beautiful new chapter. I had already begun finding my way around Georgetown; signed up to be a volunteer at the museum, and the Preservation Society. Then, looking at job boards, I saw the posting for the Director job and just got a full-body tingle. This is where my heart is, and I am ready to beat the drum out in the community, share this beautiful building, and partake in the passion of the amazing staff who run things so well they make it look effortless.” 


Back in Kansas City, Nancy was the Executive Director of the Diastole Scholars’ Center. “I was responsible for engaging the community, using all the parts of our rather-complex machine. I have always loved the arts, and I believe keeping libraries and cultural aspects of our communities alive in a commercial world is as refreshing as it is necessary. If you feel drawn to it, it’s your duty to give it the love it deserves.”

She gives credit to all the care and development that came about under former Director, Mickie Ross’ leadership; “Mickie is a wonderfully passionate historian, which is what made the museum what it is today.” 

Nancy will begin her new mission January 8 as a student of the museum, immersing herself in the culture. “I am an idea factory so I am looking forward to working closely with our dedicated board, and continuing our strong partnership with the Williamson County Council. I also want to get around the county, with all the people willing to share our mission. After all, it’s not just the Georgetown museum, and there are so many wonderful stories about every little town and community in Williamson. My question for everyone is, ‘What do you want to know; what do you want to see?’” 

Her vision is to be even more plugged in, get to know like-minded folks, and offer herself and the museum as resources for all. “Our staff is tremendously capable; I know they have everything under control and I can be the voice with the megaphone to share it.” 

In more concrete terms, the museum will be looking to renew and restore campaigns for new memberships and donors to help the museum come back even stronger after the pandemic. They also upgraded their video and online presence as part of the 2020 pivot, and will continue to strengthen and expand those even as operations get back to normal. 

Plus, big plans are underway to create a very special 10th Anniversary Cattleman’s Ball, which everyone hopes will also be an in-person event in the Fall. 

Her eagerness is quite palpable when she talks about becoming the spokesperson for what she says is a “wonderful treasure. Because no museum should be relegated to being a ‘hidden gem.’” Nancy invites groups, schools, and organizations to call the museum (512-943-1670) and prepare to turn up the volume on education programs and speaking engagements. 

2 thoughts on “Nancy Hill: New Director of the Williamson Museum”

  1. I worked with Nancy on several Art Exhibitions and Lectures at the Diastole Scholar Center. Nancy’s enthusiasm is contagious. I arrived to the center late from Washington D.C. before one of the exhibitions. Nancy had a room ready for me and she had arranged with the Director of the Nelson-Atkins museum a private evening tour of the museum. It was an experience I will never forget. The enormous museum was completely empty, the Director was turning on the lights just for me. I recall a Picasso exhibition was just being installed. You can’t imagine the thrill of the lights being turned on so I could see the Picasso works. The Director spent three hours showing me the museum -all thanks to Nancy. Nancy creates moments and memories. Working with Nancy is an event unto itself. She is always positive, she puts her” know how and heart” into everything she does. I can’t wait to visit the Williamson Museum in 2021. I must say the Williamson Museum is very fortunate to have Nancy as their new director. I know I was fortunate to have met Nancy and to have worked with her.

  2. I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming Nancy Hill as the new Executive Director of the Williams Museum. As we both share the passion of historic preservation, restoration, and education I am excited to have the opportunity to work together for the communities in Williamson County.

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