Meet our Newest Writer, Linda A. Thornton

The editorial staff at the Georgetown View have wished for a writer who loves people and telling their stories. That wish came true with Linda Thornton. Not only does she have great writing skills and a warm perspective on the Georgetown community, she is also a published author.


Linda was born in New York City, and migrated westward to Chicago and Arkansas before she and her husband settled down in Austin in 2016. Though she was happy to make use of her writing skills at various jobs over the years, she was always dreaming of bigger things. 

While in Chicago, Linda ran into difficulties finding a high school she felt would provide a good education for her son and also enable him to thrive as he grew into young adulthood. As Linda tells it, “I went to Border’s to find a book on the subject, and there wasn’t one. So I took it upon myself to write it.”  

The Chicago High Schools Report Card: A Guide to Finding the Right School for Your Child is a guide that helps parents navigate high school admissions, and compiles information about private, parochial, and public schools into one source so families can make well-informed decisions. 

Revelation struck again while on a trip to Spain. She walked across the country on the Camino de Santiago and decided to blog about the experience. With plenty of inspired content from the journey, all that was lacking was a laptop and a bit of guidance for a blog ‘voice.’ Serendipitously, she won a laptop in a contest and found an ad for blog-writing classes in the local newspaper.

Her adventures—and blogging—continue at


Linda was enticed to check out Georgetown at a happy hour in Austin. “I met a lady who lived in Sun City and asked, ‘Isn’t that where the old people live?’ But she laughed and said, ‘Come and see it, you’ll love it.’”

It was love at first sight for Linda.  She and her husband moved to Sun City shortly after and one of the first things she did was join the San Gabriel Writers’ League. She says she loves the vibrancy and energy of the community and as a whole and is enjoying building a community of her own among travelers and writers. 

As a regular writer for the Georgetown View, Linda loves being able to work hard on an article then see it shared with her community in an instant. “Blending people’s stories into something that is a reflection of my own voice is my favorite thing,” Linda says. 

Linda’s wish to write and enjoy her neighborhood came true, and so did our wish for someone who is excited to share the beauty of our town.