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In 2017, Eddie Castro and Josh Fulfer started their landscaping business, literally, from the ground up—from humble beginnings using just a push mower and broom to beautify lawns. “We started off small like everyone else,” Eddie says.

With his experience mowing and treating lawns for a pest control company and Josh’s background in irrigation and landscaping, the two decided to join forces on Landscape Designs and Lawn Care. Each brought knowledge of different parts of Central Texas. Born and raised in Jarrell, Eddie knew the Jarrell, Georgetown, and Round Rock area, while Josh was familiar with Salado, Belton, and Temple. “He had a bunch of contacts up there, and I had contacts down here. That helped us grow,” Eddie says.

Today, Landscape Designs and Lawn Care has grown from “just some regular mowing company” to a full-service lawn maintenance and irrigation installation business.

Unlike many landscaping companies that drop services along the way, Landscape Designs has stayed true to its roots. Eddie says, “Usually when people grow, they start mowing lawns and do landscaping, or construction and they end up not doing lawns anymore, just landscaping or construction. They slowly but surely leave some things behind. We’ve never left anything behind.”

Providing landscaping, lawn care, irrigation installation and repair, and hardscapes, Landscape Designs and Lawn Care takes the burden of lawn maintenance off homeowners and business owners in the Central Texas area, including HOAs and schools in Georgetown.

This year, he plans to enhance services by adding a residential customer manager. “A lot of other companies provide customer service but nine times out of 10, that same person talking to you about your yard has to go and work on a different project that week or next, and if you have questions, you’re not their main focus. We’re going to have that main focus.”

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Prepping Your Yard for Spring

Planting timeline: When it comes to deciding when to fill your yard with plants, Eddie advises Texans to be mindful of the recommended dates on products. “I always recommend—if you’re going to put plants in your bed or redo your landscape, and if you’re planning to spend a pretty penny on these plants—to play it safe and wait until April. I’ve seen people get excited when there are a couple warm days in March, and the next thing you know, there’s a random freeze and all your plants are dead. We can have a beautiful March and an early spring, but you never know in Texas.”

Pre-emergent: Pre-emergent herbicides stop weeds before they germinate and should be applied in March/April.

Insecticides: Eddie recommends using insecticides in late March/early April to guard against insects like earthworms and snails that can eat plant roots and leaves.

Fertilizer: Fertilize your lawn at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to promote strong root development, encourage lush green growth, and enhance the overall health and appearance of your lawn throughout the growing season. Be sure to read ratio labels before applying fertilizer, as putting too much fertilizer will burn your grass up.

Post-emergent: Post-emergent herbicides attack weeds after they appear and should be used in September/ October.

Inspired by Eddie’s service in the Marine Corps, Landscape Designs and Lawn Care’s logo recognizes his 0311 MOS code with three stripes and 11 stars.