K-9 Kerplunk

Georgetown Parks and Recreation is preparing for the most energetic party of the year. The Rec Center outdoor pool closed for the season in mid-August, but dog owners are invited to bring up a furry friend to the Community Center for one last day of splash pool fun September 17 from 10am-Noon. 

The city is able to host up to 100 dogs and their humans to the party because even in late September, Texas water is warm enough for humans who wish to wade in with their fur-babies … up to your knees at most is recommended for everyone’s safety. 

“We have several active dog parks in Georgetown, so we know we have a lot of dog lovers who enjoy getting together in a safe and happy environment,” Parks & Rec Director Kimberly Garrett says. “Many communities do this after the municipal (human) swim season is over to give dogs a chance for some social time with a splash. We chose the rec center pool because it has a sloped entrance that enables the dogs to walk in and out.” 

It is pure joy to see how happy they are in the swim park—on the slides, yapping at waterfalls, and enjoying social time while staying cool. Kimberly also assures that there is no need for concern about the animals’ use of the facility. All Georgetown swim facilities begin a scheduled deep clean and servicing after pools close for the season. 

The City also invites local organizations and businesses to contribute with food, beverages, and a lot of pet-friendly booths. 

With support from animal control and several vendors who provide pet products and services, the event has become a regular hit and by all accounts—close to “the happiest place on Earth this side of Disney World.”

The event sold out to capacity within days but if you were lucky enough to get a spot, be sure to bring your pet’s shot records for admittance. As well, if guests wish to bring children under 16, each must be accompanied by an adult—who is not also supervising a dog—to ensure safety.