Jason Dean, Georgetown ISD Athletic Director

New School Year, New Place off the Field, New Outlook

Georgetown ISD Athletic Director

From 2009-2019, Jason was the head football coach at Georgetown High School. He led his teams to 11 playoff wins, and played in the State Championship game in 2012.

When GISD opens its doors August 15, Coach Dean will have already been hard at work for athletes for many months. But, no longer drawing plays on a white board for a football team, he is at the Hammerlun Center having an impact on the high school experience for hundreds of students and coaches across the district. 

What prompted you to make this change?

I was responsible for one program and wanted it to be the best it could be, but it did have challenges. Now I’m a part of the decisions made on coaches’ behalf and I can share with them, from a new perspective, how all the pieces go together and what the ripple effects will be. I’m also excited that the decrease of Team time means an increase in Dad time.  

What were some of the challenges of moving from coaching to leadership?

I loved working with kids every day. I will miss that kind of contact in a few years when kids I’ve coached move on to college… but in this job I get to enjoy the success of every team in the district.

The biggest adjustment was the change in responsibility; being the administrator for 120 full-time personnel in multiple schools. I am excited that I can have a wider impact, and it gives me a chance to provide broad leadership. 

What changes we can look forward to in 2019-2020?

I’m very pleased to say that we are going to add turf to our four middle school playing fields, which is a huge improvement athletically. As well, parents will be able to watch the right players because jerseys will stay clean for the duration of the games. 

What do you say to potential coaches to encourage them to share their talents with GISD?

I tell them we have two big 5A high schools here, but we also have a small-town feel they won’t get anywhere else. Plus, we are a great public school system that advocates for kids regardless of what they want to do; auto tech, culinary arts, or one of our great Ag groups. Georgetown has always been very inclusive and we encourage kids to choose any activity that will provide them a positive high school experience. 

What message comes to mind, with all your experience as an educator and coach? 

I hope students will get involved in whatever makes them happy in school. I realize some work hard for their families, but I say, “Don’t get a job just to buy a car. Enjoy being in high school on the softball team or in the theater department. Once you graduate, those won’t be easy options any more.” 

I want parents to know that coaches realize most days you pull up and drop your most prized possessions in our care. We never take that for granted. We want to partner with you to raise up the very best young man or woman who might also happen to be an athlete. 

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