Healthy is Beautiful

The awareness of our need for self care—the process of taking care of oneself with behaviors that promote health, and active management of illness when it occurs—has grown conspicuously in recent years. Not surprisingly, self care practices are as individual as the many who embrace it, from boundary setting and positive thinking to a weekly trip to the spa. 

While, technically, spa and beauty treatments are just one piece of the self care pie, looking and feeling healthy are an important part of our overall emotional wellness. 


For many, being pampered at a hair salon is a fun way to relax and try new looks. While this has traditionally meant everything from clips to dyes, today you have the option to get the movie star treatment and have your hair washed and professionally styled at trendy new blow dry bars. For those special days or events when you want to explore a new style without committing to a cut, visiting a blow dry bar is the perfect opportunity to experiment. It is also a great social experience—trying new styles with friends or family knowing that if you don’t like the results, your original hair is just one shampoo away. 


Stylists add that blow dry bars are actually a healthy way to manage hair. When someone else holds the dryer, he or she can control the distance from your hair so all sections are dried equally with no burning. Professionals also know how much tension and pressure to apply with their round brush to manipulate each section and smoothly transform hair into a finished look without having to use an iron. 

It is also important to note blowouts are made to last. They may add a little dry shampoo to absorb oils and the drying will provide lift to keep oils from weighing down strands quickly, which means less daily styling and less heat to the hair. This means fewer split ends in the long run. 

Blow dry bars can be great time savers. Instead of rolling out of bed on a milestone day or for an important meeting with frazzled hair, you’ll have a style that lasts for several days. So if you have a couple of days of formal activities, this may be a great option for you.

Plus, investing in some stress relieving time for yourself is important to your overall health. Many stylists provide a comforting, therapeutic scalp massage with each shampoo session so treat yourself and add a 10-minute scalp massage for some extra TLC.


If you’re looking for internal self care, IV infusion therapy is a modern twist on traditional medical treatments. Newly available in clinics or via concierge services, IV infusion is helpful for certain health conditions, promotes better heart health, and delivers vitamins and nutrients to the body with great efficiency. 

Typically, IV (intravenous) therapy is only provided in an EMS or hospital setting for those suffering from extreme dehydration, critical injury, or illness. But infusion is also helpful in re hydrating for athletic performance recovery and immune system support. Re hydration also provides relief from hangovers, cold and flu, pregnancy symptoms, migraines, and headaches. 

IV therapy has also been shown to boost the body’s immune response by detoxifying the digestive system. This swift diffusion of vitamins may even soften the signs of aging and help patients maintain a healthy weight. 


The specific components in the bag vary according to the needs of the patient and dosages are at the discretion of the healthcare provider. Customarily, the fluid is composed of saline solution, healthy sugars, vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium. The majority of these are found in fruits and leafy vegetables, but IV therapy bypasses the digestive breakdown and provides quick abatement for those who need an extra boost of one or all of them.

When getting IV therapy, providers suggest these helpful reminders:  

  • Clients should be prepared to rest quietly for the duration of the treatment. 
  • The site of the injection may become bruised and post-op care is needed to ensure healing. 
  • Soreness is possible around the area of the injection site. 


When it comes to boosting confidence and combating aging through exercise, the key is finding a physical activity that’s right for you—one that is safe, challenging, and enjoyable enough to ensure you’ll stick with it. 

Studies have shown that people who work out regularly have less visceral fat—the type that accumulates around organs and leads to health problems—than those who don’t. Working out regularly will not only help you reduce the appearance of fat and maintain your weight, but it also builds muscles, which helps the body maintain better posture. 

Exercise is also one of the best ways to improve the appearance of skin because it stimulates blood flow, which helps clear away dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins, dirt, and oil that can clog pores. Working out also releases endorphins, which boost mood, improve sleep, and strengthen bones. 

For those who do not enjoy participating in team sports, commuting regularly to a gym, or paying for expensive programs, a home gym is a convenient and customizable solution. Jarrell newlyweds Dillon Ivey and Alejandra Donoso came up with a way to save time and money on your health goals. CTX Home Gyms’ ( creative solution is buying and selling used and refurbished gym equipment—free weights, benches, cardio machines, and more, for much less than the cost of new equipment or even a membership.  Now, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of professional equipment on a daily basis without leaving the comfort of your home. 

For those who are not confident in their workout techniques, it may help to add one more piece of ‘equipment’ to the mix—a smart television or computer monitor. Still a growing trend since the 2020 lockdowns, there are dozens of free workouts available to download or stream to keep you on track and accountable to your goals. Just a few: