Granary Provides Community Gathering Place

The Granary was inspired by two couples’ dream of creating a family-friendly place with good food, good drinks, and good people. “We decided, the four of us crazy people, in the middle of a pandemic, to buy property and build a place we would like to go to,” Cari Springfield says.

Cari, her husband Lynn, and their friends Misty and Scott Murrah sought to bring something similar to Austin’s music, food, and bar scene to Georgetown’s neighbor to the north. “There’s a cool scene in and around Austin but nothing in this direction,” Lynn says. “Jarrell is a massive hub of growth, but there’s not a lot to do, it seems, outside of driving to Georgetown or Salado or other towns. Why not have something here?”

Jarrell became The Granary’s home after some of Scott’s friends who lived in the area told him about a piece of property up for sale on W. Avenue L, just off I-35. The city’s exponential growth drew The Granary owners to the area. Cari shares, “It’s neat to see some regulars, but every weekend, new people say, ‘I heard about y’all and decided to stop in.’ ”

The Granary opened in April this year with a bar, food truck park, and live music, all centered around a silo originally erected on the family farm north of Granger Lake and used for many years

in the family’s cattle business. “It’s great to see a feature from the farm that Misty and I spent many hours working around,” Scott says.

As one visitor described The Granary, “It feels a lot like old Austin, but blessed.” Lynn says, “We’ve been told that this feels like a bridge between old school, old town, and all the new developments to come out and break bread. We’re a community meeting place. People come to us for fundraisers, birthdays, Little League parties, and band events. It’s an extreme honor to be part of that.”

Local beers are on tap along with old school Texas barbecue at The Granary’s bar and barbecue joint. For those who are not fans of beer and barbecue, the food truck park offers everything from hot dogs to Cajun food from Lao Mec Kitchen, Curb Food Truck, PopPop’s Southern Fixin’s, The Cuban Corner, Krab Kingz, and Papa G’s. “There’s something for everyone,” Lynn says.

And everyone is welcome. “There’s room for kids to run around and it is all outdoor stuff, so we are very COVID-friendly,” Cari says.

Visitors can check out a diverse live music scene featuring old school rock, acoustic blues, old and new country, and even polka music. And don’t be surprised if you see a rooster meandering around. That’s just Rojo, The Granary’s adopted rooster. “He’s kind of our mascot,” Lynn says.


After recently adding new bathrooms, The Granary owners’ plans include expanding parking and transforming the bar next year from take-out window service to a gathering spot.

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from Jarrell’s Economic Development Corporation, The Granary’s owners were also able to buy a “big beautiful sign on 35 that’s LED backlit. We’re hard to miss from the interstate,” Cari says.

They are grateful to the Jarrell EDC’s Mary Poche, who guided them through the grant application process and helped them present the need to the Jarrell City Council for a sign that would draw people not only to The Granary, but to Jarrell. “The City has been extremely supportive and accommodating,” Lynn says, adding that the City just ordered Thanksgiving lunch for its staff from The Granary. “We couldn’t ask for a better place for The Granary to call home.”


The Granary is open 5pm to 9pm Thursday with brisket, tamales, and karaoke; 11am to 10pm Friday and Saturday with live music; and 11am to 8pm Sunday.

To learn more about The Granary, email [email protected] or click to visit their website