Georgetown High School Color Guard Excels

Many are accustomed to seeing the color guard under bright stadium lights at a halftime high school football games. This coordinated performance of twirling rifles, colorful flags fluttering through the air, sabers, and evocative dances brings a visual side to the music of the band. 

The GHS Color Guard has been a well-established part of the Eagle Band for decades. But in the past few years, it has also been in the spotlight in the marching world all over central Texas. It has grown into a respected and award-winning part of the winter guard program; the sport of indoor color guard. Each year, students audition for a spot on the team and have the opportunity to perform at pep rallies, community functions, contests, and out-of-state trips.

Following their 2019 season of excellence, the GHS team will compete at the Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton, Ohio April 1.

“We are one of the hardest working groups on campus,” said Rick Scruggs, Director of the Color Guard. “I want my students to know that most of the best things in life are a result of hard work, dedication, and commitment. These kids learn so much about themselves and are held to high expectations. They are good at what they do, and they are pushed to see what more they are capable of doing each day.”

Carrie Bradshaw’s daughter Clara has been a member for four years. “She’s a senior this year, and the captain. It’s been wonderful for her to have this creative outlet through dance. Watching her evolve in her skill set, from knowing nothing about the activity to performing on the floor, and lighting up a show has been amazing.” Her daughter’s favorite part? The friendships and the performance.

Comfortable In My Skin

This is Rick Scruggs’ 19th year as director, and the 2019-20 shows are two of his favorites, especially given the diversity of his 21 members—including two male students. 

The junior varsity competition show is called “For Forever,” a song from Dear Evan Hansen, winner of the 2017 Best Musical Tony award. The show is a ‘lighthearted, feel-good’ show revolving around friendships and pairings.   

The varsity show is titled “Comfortable In My Skin”.  The song is “Comfortable” by Tituss Burgess, and it revolves around the idea that people often have insecurities about themselves, and the inner drive to show the world who they are and be happy with it.  

Rick’s creativity is evident, not only in his choreography, but in his arrangement and staging. The overall look of the varsity performance resembles a giant pink rose on the floor tarp, and the performers start out with costumes in shades of gray. But as the show progresses, the costume transforms to reveal the “butterfly” and hidden colors are underneath. 

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