Geological Gem Just Beneath Your Feet

Inner Space Cavern is Open for Business

In an uncertain, changing world, there’s something comforting about exploring a cave that’s lasted for thousands of years.

Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown’s own show cave, is a spectacular escape full of unique rock formations, lakes, and fossils.

And to think it never would have been found if not for a highway.

A Texas Highway Department team was drilling for core samples in 1963 to see if the surface would support the Interstate 35 bypass when the drill bit suddenly dropped 26 feet—the crew had drilled into a cavern. They enlarged the hole for further exploration, which led to the discovery of five miles of cave passage, and bones of mammoths, saber tooth cats, and other prehistoric animals.

Inner Space Cavern opened to the public in 1966, its name inspired by the space race enveloping the U.S. and the Soviet Union at the time. While everyone was obsessed with outer space, the cave’s property owners decided the ground’s “inner space” was special too. “It’s hard to believe this is right under your feet,” manager Taunya Vessels says.

Today, folks of all ages can embark on three tours. The Adventure Tour is a beginner caving experience on a paved, lit trail through the largest rooms, where you will learn all about the history and discovery of the cavern. 

In the Hidden Passages Tour, guests can explore the undeveloped side of the cave using flashlights. The most physically demanding expedition, the Wild Cave Tour, takes people deep underground as they hike, crawl, climb and squeeze their way through a maze of passages and chambers. For more information, visit or call 512-931-2283.

The next time you dash across I-35 in a hurry to run that errand or head to work, think about the natural treasure that lies just beneath the surface. Or take Exit 259 to experience the underground world of wonders for yourself.


Did you know . . .

  • Inner Space stays at a cool 72 degrees all year round a welcome relief in Texas summers.
  • No matter how much it’s pouring outside, the cave never floods.
  • Cave water is safe to drink.
  • Inner Space is one of the darkest can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face places on Earth.
  • It is illegal to touch anything in a cave because the oil
    on your hands stops
    formations’ growth.
  • Temptation Stone is the only rock guests are allowed to touch because people have touched it since the cave opened and didn’t know about the damaging effect until later.

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