From the Editor • May 2020

May greetings… 

When we first sat down at the big table to plan this issue, it was mid-March, and there was every indication that things were not done getting worse, before they would be getting better. We hoped by the time you would be reading this, the upside-down would be right-side up. In any case, we always have every intention of bringing you information that will inspire and encourage, and… at the very least… give you pleasant things to think about. 

We did have a content plan in place before the quarantine started, but —like many— we wound up being rather fluid with what would make sense in a weird time like this. 

Needless to say, Georgetown did not disappoint, and I’m so pleased to have found many stories that are indeed inspiring and encouraging. From the collaborations between parents and teachers, to church bodies that mobilized like armies to help so many in need. I was also delighted to get some excellent advice from Georgetown’s most famous mom, Kay McConaughey, who was quite busy herself, providing support and encouragement to friends all over Williamson County. 

I also want to send some love to our GISD seniors, who weathered disappointment and constant change over the past few months. I hope their school parades at the Downtown Square, May 29th, will be unique moments to share in 2053 when they are asked, “Mom, what was it like to graduate during the pandemic?” Special shout-out to my ‘adopted’ EVHS senior, Vashti Zaragoza, who is a fine arts beauty, ukulele player, and future educator. Congratulations to all! 

So, here’s to your good health, Georgetown. Im’ma go wash my hands. 

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