Friends of Berry Springs Park Welcome You

Berry Springs Park and Preserve has a new friend. Actually, a dozen friends are working hard to launch a new, non-profit organization to support the park through volunteering and fundraising. Like many “Friends of…” groups, FBSPP is made up of dedicated fans who aim to fill gaps in funding and man-power to improve the park for residents and visitors alike, so future generations can enjoy the beauty and history of Williamson County. 

On December 14, residents Pedro and Little Bob (pictured above) welcomed visitors for holiday photo shoots and to introduce newcomers to their expansive park home. FBSPP plans to enlist the help of Master Gardeners and Naturalists, Boy Scouts, and park staff to develop volunteer opportunities and help new Friends gain skills while improving the park. Plans include care for the donkeys, wildflower projects, a new fenced grazing area, and an aeration system for the pond. 

Master Naturalist Holly Zeiner gets Little Bob ready for another close-up.

No matter what your interest level, FBSPP needs your help.  They are looking for fundraisers, scrapbookers, wildflower aficionados, and visionaries with a love of beauty, history, and Berry Springs Park and Preserve.

For more information, email or call 512-930-0040. 

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