For Nyle Maxwell, Life is Quite a Ride

You can’t live in Central Texas without knowing his name. He is a former Mayor of Round Rock and his family of car dealerships is among the largest in Texas. But underneath it all, Nyle Maxwell is an authentic Texan who embodies generosity, loves God and his family, and is someone you can just hang out with at a barbecue or a Formula 1 race. 

Nyle grew up in Austin and moved his family to Round Rock in 1990, then moved to Georgetown in 2018. “I love my neighborhood of Cimarron Hills and, as a bonus, two of my general managers and some of my family members live here now too. There is a wonderful camaraderie and I love the downtown square.” 

He has been in the automotive industry since age 25, and still manages many duties at the dealership in addition to overseeing the family ranches. But, he says, “You can’t always do it all. I’m not ready to retire yet, but my wife and I may be ready to take up tennis; or maybe pickleball.” 

Comfort and success in business comes with a responsibility to the people you love, your community, those who work for you, and those you surround yourself with.   


Cars, Cars, Cars

Not surprisingly, one of his great passions in life is classic cars and he has created what could conceivably be the world’s greatest man-cave just off of I-35 in south Georgetown. Not only does it house his many classic vehicles, it has an upstairs with bistro tables, leather couches, three huge flat screens and a bar. Named “Vehicles Unique” in honor of the first used car operation he worked at in 1982, his personal showroom is a place for indulging in the best memories of his youth, enjoying time with his family, and providing a means for dozens of local non-profits to raise money in the community. 

“This is my favorite office because I’m a collector of classic cars; I love Detroit muscle and everything in between. But this is not a museum; we can take these things out and drive them around for fun.” 

Most of his cars are road-ready except for a few he keeps at zero miles to maintain their value. He and his sons enjoy some quality family time racing at 160MPH or better on Track Day at Circuit of the Americas; choosing between the Vipers, Porsche and Ferrari. “You won’t see many imports here though. Most are from the era of big-block engines; they are a part of America that goes with John Wayne, the Super Bowl, and hamburgers.” 


Nyle and his wife, Nancy began their supercharged philanthropy journey on their eldest son’s birthday; November 30,1990. Nyle saw his friend Judy Maggio on the six o’clock news asking for help to buy an iron lung so a young boy at The Children’s Hospital of Austin could go home for Christmas. “Something hit me. I have two darling, healthy children and what have I done? I picked up the phone and told Judy, ‘It’s done.’ That began our relationship with the hospital, which was later renamed Dell Children’s Hospital. As we raised up our heads, we saw so many needs; I realized when you create wealth, you have a responsibility to share it.” 

Though he is too humble to mention his many “…of the Year” awards and philanthropy accolades, he and Nancy have turned their quest for purpose into a lifetime of generosity, to the benefit of so many all over Central Texas. Many is the fundraiser with the Nyle Maxwell corporate logo or the family name on the sponsor banners. They have big hearts for children and Veterans, and have been great supporters (and admirers) of everything from Boys and Girls Clubs to Brookwood in Georgetown, and they have personally sponsored six flights for Honor Flight Austin.  


Marrying the two passions began in 2015. Nyle and Nancy converted Vehicles Unique from a vacant auto upholstery plant into a destination spot for friends and family. But they also throw open the doors as a cleaning-fee-only venue for local non-profits and small charitable organizations. “Market price for a place like this could be as much as $5,000 on a weekend,” he says. “Nancy and I believe there are many worthy groups out there that can not afford a place like this. We have helped people raise several hundred thousand dollars, and it makes us really smile to put the space to its best use.”

The facility is not open to the visiting public and the family is selective about fundraisers because they do not want to overuse it, but Nyle says he would like to see it used more. “People worry for me that someone might damage the cars, but they are just things, and at the end of the day, folks are very respectful and even too careful. If you can create things that put a smile on your face, the faces of the people who are important to you, and people in the community…why wouldn’t you?” 

People always ask me which car is my favorite? No one really has a favorite child…
you love them all for everything that makes them unique.

Any city would be glad to be home for a corporate citizen like the Nyle Maxwell Family of cars, but it’s even better when his kind of personal largesse comes with it.

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  1. Nyle really is a good guy. When we lived in Round Rock I would often be called upon to raise funds for various civic organizations, charities and non profits. I would always visit Nyle because I considered him a friend, and I knew he was a soft touch. It came to be that whenever Nyle would spot me coming into his office area he’d start digging in his desk for his checkbook. Once when I came to visit he had the checkbook in his lap as he asked, “Who am I donating to today?” “Nobody,” I replied, “ I’m here to buy a truck.” It took him a second or two to process that, then told me to go see one of his salesmen.

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