For Love of Shirley Rinn

If there was ever any doubt that City of Georgtown Executive Assistant Shirley Rinn was an institution in her own right, her retirement celebration certainly sealed the deal. This beloved community servant worked with 4 city managers, 4 city secretaries, 3 assistants to the city manager, 6 mayors, 3 interim city managers, and 42 council members—many of whom attended her party to wish her well in the next chapter of life. 

City Manager David Morgan said, “She’s beloved. She was the go-to source for so many things and her knowledge of what we’ve done and where things are has always been a tremendous asset to us. But the best part of Shirley is that she is the most caring person I know. She truly loves her work family like her own and it was evident in how hard she worked for us.” 

Mr. Morgan shared that Shirley’s retirement plans include caring for people and family as she always has, including her newborn first grandchild. She is also looking forward to working in her impressive garden and pickling a lot of okra. “It was that sense of purpose in her personal and professional life that really connected her to her job, which was to help our office run better in service to the community.” 

Always memorable, Shirley was known to punctuate her work day with ‘new’ vocabulary words. Mr. Morgan adds, “She was fun and took her job seriously but I will always hear her voice any time something seems wonky.” 

Georgetown View is delighted to join the city staff and all the residents of Georgetown in wishing Shirley well on her new adventures as a grandmother and Executive emeritus. 

The proclamation

Whereas, Shirley Rinn began her work adventure with the City of Georgetown in June 1999 and has been navigating her busy, busy life with us ever since; and

Whereas, Shirley is retiring from the city today and we want to express how much she is appreciated; and

Whereas, not a day goes by that Shirley doesn’t offer a support hug to every-one, no matter how many road obstacles jump in front of her on her way here, throwing her day into a wonky mess; and

Whereas, there may be cheese rolls in the kitchen, fog as thick as pea soup, something broke down and she is herding cats, working her calendar magic, and all while having that niggly feeling about something, Shirley would still give you her whole heart.

Now, therefore, in honor of her enduring service to the city and her ability to give encouragement to have a most awesome day to all that she encounters, We, the Mayor and City Manager of the City

of Georgetown, Texas do hereby declare Friday, August 19, 2022 Shirley Rinn Day.