Five Questions with Santa Claus

Despite his busy schedule, Santa “Phil” has been bringing Christmas in Georgetown for 11 years. He was able to take a break from his toy shop gig to answer some questions we had for him about his job and what he loves most about Christmas. 

Santa, what are kids asking for this year? 

“Frozen” is still very big and LOL Surprise toys are popular this year. Although sometimes I tease the kids who want “everything Frozen” and tell them I’ll be happy to bring them some ice cubes. It always gets a giggle or a sideways look. 

What are some unique requests you have gotten?

I love how generous children are towards others, and I get to see it. Believers believe Santa has access to all kinds of things, but if I can’t do what they ask, I can always bring comfort. I often get asked if I can bring a child’s loved one home from overseas. I let them know that our President doesn’t like war either and he is trying very hard to bring all of our service members home. 

So many children ask for things for someone else; helping a family member who is ill, or something for a sibling who is having a hard time. I tell them, “Your family has best doctors helping right now. I’m certain they will do their best for your wish.” 

Tell us about the Naughty and Nice List.

Some children ask why I don’t know their name. I start by asking “Why do you ask? Did you forget it?” I tell them the Nice List is miles and miles long. I can’t remember all those names. The Naughty List is really short and I remember those names, so if I know their name there’s a pretty good chance they’re on the Naughty List.  

Just how do you deliver presents to boys and girls across
the world in only one night?

Santa has special magic dust that helps reindeer fly and also help him slow down time. Santa-Time is different than human time, so my reindeer and I  can get around the whole world before morning. 

Does it make you sad when kids don’t believe
in you any more? 

Sometimes children ask me if I am the real Santa. I tell them I don’t really know, because only children can see and feel the real Santa. So I ask them, “You tell me; am I the real Santa or not?” 

When they tell me they are no longer believers, I explain that Santa Claus is a Christmas thing, but Christmas is not just about the man in the red suit. It is about the love and happiness you share with your family. If Santa is  one of the things that helps you remember, then you should believe in him. If you no longer feel like Santa is your Christmas thing, then believe things that bring you love and happiness.