Field of Honor: A Tribute to Service Above Self

The Rotary Club of Georgetown is paying tribute to our valued veterans, active and reserve duty military, first responders, and K9 heroes at the third annual Field of Honor. 

All are welcome to visit and participate, starting with a spectacular opening ceremony at San Gabriel Park Sunday, November 10th at 2pm. There will be fly-overs, cannon fire, military and emergency vehicles on display—even a tank! 

Throughout the week, night and day, visitors may take photos and walk among the 1,500 full-size United States flags on display, including 27 historical flags flown throughout American history. 

Display flags are special because each may be purchased from Rotary and dedicated to a personal hero, whether living or deceased. Individual flags include the name and information about the individual being honored, and donors may take their flags to keep after the closing ceremonies. 

Ceremonies continue daily until the extravagant Patriot’s Ball at the Georgetown Sheraton on Saturday night, Nov. 16th. 

Rotary is selling the full-sized U.S. flags in advance of these events to create an emotional and stunning display posted in San Gabriel Park at the activity field. 

Also new this year, the Williamson Museum is facilitating recording some of the many sentiments and oral histories of veterans and family members in a “story tent”.  

Colonel was the poster dog for “Train a Dog, Save a Soldier”.


Rotary uses proceeds from the Field of Honor for myriad veteran and first responder programs, including those for individuals wounded or fallen in the line of duty, or their families. Event Director Dr. Jeanne Cox says this year they are also focusing on the alarming problem of veteran suicide. Funding will support programs at the local and regional level that bring together veterans with PTSD and help them supplement treatment and personal growth with service dogs, art, and other outlets. 

Jeanne says, “This memorial is a labor of love through Rotary of Georgetown, which breathes life into it and has created a wonderful legacy for all of us.” 


Jeanne has as many stories as the veterans who visit the field. “Last year we honored Veterans of the Vietnam war in particular. Each veteran of that era received a pin and a certificate of appreciation, presented by General Gail ‘Candy Bomber’ Halvorsen, who saluted each with thanks for their service.  At the end of the day, a gentleman came up to me with tears streaming down his face. He put his arms around me and said it was the first time in 50 years he felt truly appreciated.” 

Jeanne encourages everyone to purchase a flag, even if they have no one in mind. Rotary is reaching out to leadership in military and emergency services to recommend deserving “adoptees”, including K9 officers, for the anonymous flags. Donors may include a personal dedication message on their flag and the service member will be notified. 

Jeanne herself purchased a flag for a young man who was nearing his first deployment to Iraq. “I thanked him for his service and told him I would remember him on the Field of Honor. We stayed connected through that and several other deployments. I post his flag every year.” 

The 2019 event will  honor World War II and Korean veterans. Jeanne has planned a special tribute at the opening ceremonies and at least three generals are scheduled to attend for the presentations. 

The Field of Honor is open to visitors, day and night, during the week. The field will be lit and monitored by security at all times. 

Vicki Jackimiec purchased and dedicated a flag to her mother, Carol Hope Torgerson, who served a tour of duty in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) until 1958. Vicki says her mother worked at the Pentagon during her service and it was the most rewarding job she had ever done. “She was a patriot through and through.” Not pictured is Carol’s walker and the heroic effort she made to visit the field—and stand— to salute her own flag and all the others.

Special events…

  • Friday, November 8 @ 2pm Flags will be posted until it is done. Visitors are welcome to watch and take pictures. 
  • Saturday, November 9 @ 8am 2nd Annual Honor Walk 5K 
  • Sunday, November 10, 2:00-3:15pm
  • Monday, November 11th – VETERANS DAY @ 2pm
    Quilts of Valor will be awarded by Poppy’s Quilt N Sew in a special ceremony.
  • Saturday, November 16th, 3rd ANNUAL PATRIOTS BALL BOOTS N’ BLING from 5:30–10pm at the Sheraton in Georgetown. $100 
  • Sunday, November 17th – Pick up your flags after 9am. Volunteers will help donors locate their flag(s) and remove it respectfully. 

Order Your Flag

Flags are available now ($45) and may be purchased at San Gabriel during the event. Visit

Docent volunteers from American Heritage Girls will be available all week at the activities field to identify and escort donors and special guests to their personal flags. These caring volunteers will certainly want to hear stories and help with personal photos. 

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