Facts to Blow Your Mind: Deep Thoughts

  • More people have been on the Moon than on the bottom of the deepest point in our deepest ocean.
  • There is always a lifeguard at Olympic swimming events.
  • November 2, 2000 was the last day humans all lived together on planet Earth. Since that day there has always been at least one person on the International Space Station.
  • If you put your finger in your ear and wiggle it up and down, it sounds like a Pac-Man game. 
  • Maybe plants are really farming us; giving us oxygen until we eventually expire and turn into mulch, which they can consume.
  • ‘Coffee flavored water’ doesn’t sound good but that’s what coffee is. Much like it’s cousin, leaf soup, or ‘tea’.
  • If aliens come to earth, we may have to explain why we made so many movies about fighting and killing them.
  • People are more likely to agree with a statement written in Baskerville than any other font.
  • Punishment for honesty is what makes some people lie. 
  • You won’t know if it you meet a genuine ninja. The black uniform comes out of fiction and folklore; real ninjas wear whatever helps them blend in.
  • Cassette tapes had a Side A and Side B… so it makes sense that they evolved into CDs. 
  • Forty percent of the people reading this just put a finger in their ear. 
  • When you say ‘Forward’ or ‘Back’, your lips move in those directions.
  • When you call a company to cancel your service and they offer you a big discount to stay, they’re just admitting they were overcharging you.
  • My car can surf the web, link to my phone, play multiple DVDs, and show me exactly where I am on the planet. But I still have to pay someone a fortune to tell me why the “Check Engine” light is on. 
  • If you drive north long enough, you will eventually be driving south. If you drive east, you’ll go east forever. 
  • This year, I resolve to start writing 2021 on my checks. 
  • Cars will soon drive themselves and traffic will be controlled through AI. AI realizes cars are more efficient when in slipstream. AI connects cars in a line to minimize drag. We’re back to traveling by train. 
  • I resolve not to throw my alarm clock when it doesn’t work properly. Also when it does work properly. 

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