Editor’s Note • September 2021

This month’s issue covers quite a range of topics. The 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is a somber observation but we are pleased to share ways in which Georgetown will never forget. Personally, I don’t have a “remember where I was” moment for Pearl Harbor or JFK. I do remember it was snowing when President Reagan was shot. I was driving in the snow when the Challenger exploded. A soldier friend called me from the Middle East to tell me they pulled Saddam out of a hole. I remember where I was standing when my dad got his new heart. Many events stand out in my mind, but none with the clarity and emotional attachments of nearly every moment of that day in 2001, even two decades later. 

Speaking of events that stand out, we have some wonderful updates for Brookwood in Georgetown; their growth, and all they provide for our neighbors with special needs. Teaching their Citizens about their own inherent value and all the things they have to contribute to this world is nothing short of amazing. 

Also amazing are Dr. Brent and everyone in Georgetown ISD—which we can now show on paper—showed great tenacity and perseverance in a time when nearly every student and employee might be excused for being completely distracted by world events. We’re so proud and pleased to shine a light on their commitment. 

We’re also pleased to present Rep. Terry Wilson’s call to action on property tax bills after his three-part review and explanation of our ad valorem taxes. 

Aside from all the September people news, don’t forget to save the date, September 18, for the return of K-9 Kerplunk…Barney and Toby enjoyed the first two, and it’s literally tied for my favorite day of the year behind Christmas and my son’s birthday.