Editor’s Note • October 2022

Looking at October, my favorite month, we have a wonderfully eclectic mix of heart, harvest, homecoming, Hacienda, and Halloween. I can’t imagine you won’t find something new to think or talk about in these pages even if we really didn’t find all those H-words on purpose. Our theme is a focus on health and healthcare and Georgetown has no shortage of ways to improve and maintain physical and mental wellness. 

Always happy to take one for the team, I enjoyed my (doctor-referred) ketamine infusion therapy experience and results. It was a pleasure to be in the chair and I’m still noticing changes in the way I think and act after just one treatment. Wish I had more space to share the wacky details of my journey and how funny it was that my hands had fleece fingers for a while. It was cool. 

It’s also time to think about leadership and civic duty so we have included a short feature about all the judge candidates on the November ballot. Our intent was to impress upon our readers that even if they aren’t somehow involved with a court, our judiciary affects our daily lives in surprising and important ways. 

We also have news and information from Rep. Terry Wilson on the importance and evolution of vocational education in Texas public schools. I am happy to see the renewed interest and emphasis on trades and industry and it is reassuring that our state leadership is helping students find alternative routes to prosperity. 

Finally, be sure to congratulate Cory “Chief of Hope” Tchida on his repeat fundraising success at the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center’s Purse Bingo night. Camy, Cathy, and I joined many friends from Georgetown and towns around for an evening out to help victims of abuse and violence. Naturally, our own police Chief Tchida brought his A-game and raised the most money on the night… ’cause it’s for the kids!