Editor’s Note • October 2020

Looking at October, my favorite month, we have a wonderfully eclectic mix of heart, heroes, harvest, and Halloween. I can’t imagine you won’t find something new to think or talk about in these pages. 

While it was tough finding things to stand next to Gracie Kiltz’s kind and joyful spirit, the spirit of service in Wendi Lester, and the love of country and strangers I see in the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, made this whole issue a pleasure to put together. 

Plus, we found some really cool themes and stories for our favorite Fall celebration… some things just ought to be pandemic-proof. 

I also hope you enjoy meeting the coffee club that you likely see every morning if you drive by the McDonald’s on Williams Drive. If you were wondering about the daily parking lot party, wonder no more; they ARE as friendly and interesting as you might imagine. 

I also want to apologize for an error in one of our September stories. So, I offer those apologies to our readers and to the family of Mrs. Dell Pickett, for whom our Pickett school in Georgetown is named—rather than Bill Pickett. Mr. Pickett is a worthy role model, but Mrs. Pickett was a long-time educator in Georgetown ISD and she certainly deserved more from me in my fact-checking. Look for more on her story and legacy in a future issue. 

It was a nice story-gathering month, and some good spiritual exercise to write them. As author Toni Sorenson says, “Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature says, ‘Look how easy, how healthy, and how beautiful letting to can be.’”  I hope we continue to provide some good spiritual exercise for our readers too. 

Looking forward to bringing extra issues to Big John and his friends at McDonald’s.

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