Editor’s Note: March 2020

Welcome Spring!

It wasn’t my decision to move to Texas, but I very quickly decided to stay when life threw that first curve ball. Among the many reasons I plan to get old here—the very best thing about Spring in Texas is that it is hardly ever really “Winter” to begin with. Sweet!

This month we usher in the season with stories and people from Broadway to the Alamo, with a little science, schools, and St. Patrick’s Day thrown in for good measure. 

Our cover story was a pleasure to write. If you have not already heard of the tremendous and multi-layered impact that ROCK has had on the people of Georgetown… you must be new here! In any case, we are so happy to bring you details of this year’s Barn Dance and all the great things happening with horses and veterans and special children these days. 

We are always on the lookout for a good education forum, so this month we are featuring specialty programs at GISD. With help from the Georgetown Education Foundation, students have more choices than ever to think—and learn—outside the box in preparation for careers and adulthood. 

Our Texas feature takes a look at the oil business, which made Texas a world-wide energy rock star long before anyone ever heard of J.R. Ewing. 

Many thanks to our biggest local celebrity, Chet Garner, with Josh Schroeder, who both love Georgetown as much as any of us. Although Chet was first in his class at Baylor Law School, we are all too fortunate he decided being a lawyer didn’t involve enough on-the-job barbecue! 

Chet and Josh were gracious enough to share their efforts to renew and maintain the history and charm of our downtown area. 

P.S. I also want to thank all the parents and mentors who submitted entries in our “Faces of 2040” contest. There is no question Georgetown is in good hands for the foreseeable future and we are already working on and excited to share their stories with our readers in the April issue. 

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