Editor’s Note: January 2021

Happy New Year! Even though not much is new, just the collective sense that January 1 brings some kind of change to all of us is enough to give me a notion of renewal. 

As I am writing this, my neighborhood is experiencing a power outage and I am reminded how infrequently I remember to live in the moment, and to be amazed at many things that are just part of “the background” in everyday life. Nothing pushes you to live in the moment more than watching your laptop battery dwindling to zero with no thought of what to do next without devices, lights, or even appliances. 

I suppose, while I generally eschew resolutions, I have just decided I will make some lifestyle alterations that will make a power failure less of a showstopper. This year I will try to live, once in a while, like it’s 1921. For instance, perhaps I can take up acoustic guitar with the folks from the Wilco Guitar Society—that chat (pictured) was a lot cooler than a typical interview!

We also invite you to learn about the stain of human trafficking during January’s awareness and prevention month. It is not just something than happens in other countries, and we are fortunate to have a senior executive of A21 right here in Georgetown to tell us what we can do to make a difference in our own communities. 

Much of this issue is about new things; new friends, new homes, renewable resources, new career adventures, and resolutions.

And, however you may be celebrating or fretting about the new year, I’ll just leave this quote from Billy Graham right here… “I’ve read the last page of the Bible, it’s all going to turn out all right.”

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