Editor’s Note • February 2021

While we could argue the last nine months have felt like the movie “Groundhog Day”, we can officially celebrate the real thing this month. 

Also worth celebrating is the letter I received from our reader, Alice Stephens. She shared that she was uplifted by our December issue and wanted to do the same for us with her Christmas letter. She, in turn, inspired us with the perseverance and goodwill she and her husband maintained all year. Thanks, Alice!

Be sure to read our newest feature “Georgetown Works!”, which will celebrate some of the unsung heroes who work for the city and keep things running smoothly. 

To celebrate Black History Month, I am so pleased to introduce our readers to 100 Black Men of Austin. These inspiring grass roots benefactors have been making an impact in Georgetown for years, and I’m glad we are able to  spotlight their mission to help young people “become what they see” in their mentors. 

 It is also American Heart Month, and I am encouraging everyone to celebrate with some Longhorn beef from Hagler Ranch. One of the perks of being an editor, sometimes, is folks allow me to try their product or service so my stories will be authentic. After trying some of Mr. Hagler’s ground beef, I can assure you that our “Worth the Drive” feature may feel effusive, but it’s totally true. 

In between, we’ve included as much love and romance as might be needed, including how our county is showing love for our seniors by giving them their shots. So, here’s to the end of Winter, the goodness of community servants, to your health, and so much more in February. 

P.S.: About the photo… never let it be said I’m not totally committed
to our content!

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