Editor’s Note

June is the month we celebrate summer and perhaps start thinking about the beach or the mountains. As children began to think about being out of school, our writers took a good look at education and learning opportunities—from childhood education to hi-tech drones to gun safety—available in Georgetown and around. Aside from the growth, achievements, and great programs at GISD, there are alternative schools, trades, and avocational training available for a number of skill sets and interests. 

In our schools, Dr. Fred Brent has plenty to brag about, and he continues his resolute efforts to ensure every student has the opportunity and support to move forward in his or her academic progress. With tremendous help from Greg Bowden and the Education Foundation, our students are bound to succeed, literally, from the Earth to the moon. 

Elsewhere in this issue, we are pleased to share updated news about Juneteenth and a preview of the Texas Bach Festival. Plus, we didn’t forget about June favorites—there are also bits for brides and grooms and dads. 

Personally, I’m looking forward to summer, early sunrises, and porch sitting. I also want to report that Jim Wallace’s keynote, featured in our May issue, was an amazing gift from Main Street Baptist Church and John Murphy. I’m glad Georgetown has a reputation that brings folks of Jim’s fame to our city to share unique perspectives on everything from government to the life of Jesus. To paraphrase our former mayor, it’s still a blessing to live in the greatest city on planet Earth.