Editor’s Note • November 2019

This was a busy month. I know everyone is “busy”… I don’t know anyone in our industrious and bustling city who sits on the couch eating bon-bons all day, and Fall seems to make most people’s calendars pretty heavy. 

You may know magazines go through the production cycle weeks ahead of the date we put on the cover. So while I am writing about the people and things we think you will enjoy, I’m also running hither and yon to attend and photograph events, fundraisers, festivals, meetings, and other things for next month. All this to make sure when you read about it, you have some assurance that the observations and impressions are rooted in a genuine “been there, done that, really loved it”. 

But I am lucky this is my job. We created The Giving Issue to help inspire the mood in our run up to the holidays, and it was a great exercise finding new ways to tell those stories. 

I got to spend a couple of hours with an U.S. Army Lt. General Paul Funk, whom I could have listened to all day long. I was reminded of the herculean resources and personal sacrifice required for that deep-seated sense of freedom and safety I take for granted sometimes, because this nation has always been mighty. That doesn’t come without great effort and will.

I spent time with people from all walks of Georgetown who have chosen a focus—even a lifestyle—of helping their neighbors with their time, talent and treasure. There’s no question our city is deserving of the “one of the most generous cities in Texas” title. 

Since we’re thinking about the holidays, there is also enough turkey talk in this issue to make you a tiny bit sleepy. As I write this, I’m already thinking about the best way to reach Santa Claus for our December issue, and I’ll see you at the Lighting of the Square in a few weeks! 

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