Editor’s Note • June 2020

Welcome, Summer! 

I know… it’s been hot for weeks now, but it’s officially summer this month. Although I must say, the weather is just one more thing no one seems to really be able to nail down. As we navigate our way back to “opening back up”, it seems things are still changing, and the questions continue. My favorite… do I have to go back to sitting in waiting rooms or can I just keep Zooming my doctors? 

On the plus side, I was honored to have the chance to sit with County Judge Bill Gravell, for what had to have been an unusual break in his official duties. We dedicated a special section to his historic perspectives on the first 100 days of pandemic response and management. Whatever your feelings on leadership or our elected officials, there is something noble about anyone willing to sit in those chairs, make profoundly impactful decisions, and…
do it in a hurry.  

While the commencements from high school down to Pre-K were not as expected, I envy the seniors of 2020 just a little for the just-as-historic experience this has provided for their lifetimes. Not much is unique about the class of 1986, outside my personal memories about it—however happy. But 2020… everyone will remember you forever! 

We have a new feature this month; “The New Normal.” We hope to highlight some of the changes that, while they may have come about rather spontaneously, have turned out to be good things that will make people say, “Why didn’t we do this before?” 

P.S. – Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, stepdads, granddads, mentors, pastors, and good men everywhere!

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