Do-It-Yourself Gardens

Over the past two years, many people have enjoyed gardening not just to cure lockdown boredom and beautify their homes, but as a way to bring some of the purpose, fulfillment, and joy back to their lives that went missing over many months of uncertainty. 

  • FLOWER GARDEN: For those who like a traditional garden, flowers may be the way to go. Whether in beds or small planters under windows, gardens filled with vibrant color are sure to brighten your mood. The best bets for surviving Texas heat are lantana, zinnias, hibiscus, and firebushes.
  • WILDLIFE-FRIENDLY GARDEN: Honeysuckle and sunflowers will bring bees buzzing, cosmos and Miss Molly Butterfly Bush attract monarch butterflies, and daylilies and petunias welcome hummingbirds. 
  • ROCK GARDEN: A rock garden may be the best choice that is also peaceful and therapeutic for those without a green thumb. Planting cacti and other drought-tolerant desert plants between rocks for a low-maintenance look.
  •  INDOOR GARDEN: Indoor gardening can freshen up your home and give it a peaceful atmosphere. Snake plants, fiddle-leaf fig, and pothos are great for beginners. Adding living things will brighten your mood and freshen the air. 
  •  JUNK GARDEN: For anyone wanting to get rid of that rusty old bucket or tire, reusing junk as planters has become a new trend. With some paint, positioning, and a good drainage system, plants will thrive while transforming something unappealing into a work of art while saving space in a landfill.
  • VERTICAL GARDEN: Plants that grow upwards instead of outwards can make the most of a small space indoors or out, brighten up a dull wall, or give  gardeners more space to plant when they run out of room in the yard. With some PVC pipe, soil, sun, and a water source, you can grow many types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs on a patio or porch. 


Science has long since proven that gardening helps people feel calmer, less stressed, and more productive. Spending time outdoors also provides a shot of vitamin D while clearing an anxious mind. 

Gardening is not always about production. Sometimes it is about calming the mind, getting us out in nature, or allowing us to feel grounded at home. With these tricks and different gardening styles, there is a garden ready to be planted when you are ready to unplug from everyday stress.