Citizens of BiG Can See YOU on their Team

Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG) is an innovative vocational and residential community for adults with special needs. It’s possible that our society has misunderstood the value of offering meaningful work and purpose to those with disabilities. By celebrating the innate worth of its Citizens and validating their dignity, BiG continues to change history.

“Vision for the Future” is this year’s annual fundraiser. The focus for the annual BiG Golf Benefit is to raise support and sponsorship for the cause itself. Because funding for the community’s yearly operating expenses is largely based on the success of the benefit, every Citizen participates in the campaign.  

Instead of a typical pay-to-play golf tournament, each Citizen serves as a team captain, with the goal to raise $10,000. BiG attempts to partner each Citizen with a local business or an individual who will help rally alongside them; send out awareness letters, ask others to consider supporting their captain, and share the BiG story.  For 2020, there are two “Life & Legacy” opportunities, and 80 Citizens looking for teams. 

Once committed, a sponsor has a team of four. Together each helps a Citizen share his or her personal story and campaign for the funds. Some businesses, such as Dell, are matching grantors, matching every dollar an employee from Dell contributes.

“It’s just a goal,” says Erin Kiltz, founder and director of BiG.  “No one is expected to write a check for $10,000.  We would rather you share the story ten times than write a $10,000 check, because the rest just happens. You come to lunch in the Café, you come on a tour on a Wednesday and see BiG, and people just naturally want to offer support.”  

The morning of the Benefit, Citizens will host a breakfast for sponsors who have reached their goal for sponsorship. Later, they and their families will see their sponsors off to play.  “It’s really a golf day for the sponsors,” Kiltz said. “It’s a day to focus on those dedicated, fundraising sponsors and honor them.”

In the eight years since BiG launched its first Golf Benefit, with the exception of the year they launched their capital campaign, the Citizens of BiG have met their goal. For 2020, the goal is $550,000, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the program.  

Donations to the golf benefit will be accepted through December 31st.

Donations can be mailed to 905 S. Church St Georgetown, 78626 or select a team and sponsor direct at

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