“Battle Buddy” Event for Veterans Aug 14

Bare Performance Nutrition Joins Forces With Team Red, White & Blue

Before leaving active duty from the U.S. Army, Bare Performance Nutrition CEO Nick Bare had already built himself a platform, and a foundation, for a new mission. As he expanded his business to inspire wellness for all, he also made it a point to employ and support Veterans in his business endeavor. Over time, he began to recognize that not all Veterans are lucky enough to find or create a new mission or similar purpose after their service. 

“I saw many soldiers struggle to adjust to civilian life without the support and brotherhood they had known in the military,” Nick says. “Fortunately, BPN is connected with the local chapter of Team Red, White & Blue to help veterans rediscover community through health and fitness activities and social gatherings.” 


While on active duty as a platoon leader, Nick says he noticed holes in the military’s transition program. The program helped soldiers create resumes and fill out job applications, but did not truly meet the overall need for purpose and fellowship with other veterans. “They’re set up to succeed while they’re in, and when they out, they’re all on their own,” Nick says of the up to 95 percent of veterans who transition every year. 

As an officer and mentor, Nick helped his soldiers make college or business plans, and while some succeeded, others struggled with relationship issues, fruitless job searches, weight gain, and a lack of purpose and community. Even though Nick had a business to go home to, he remembers feeling some of those same struggles. “I felt like I lost a sense of purpose because active duty was a selfless service with an amazing reward for serving our country.”

As part of his own reintegration, he participated in marathons and triathlons, and kept running into representatives from Team Red, White & Blue, a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina that connects American veterans to their community through physical and social activities. While Nick knew about the group’s mission, it wasn’t until he started talking to some event attendees that he realized Team RWB’s life-saving impact. Men who had fought in Iraq and Afghanistan would share their stories through tears, and Nick realized they just needed someone to talk with and relate to—something Team RWB provided.


After a recent successful introductory networking event with Team RWB at the BPN gym in Round Rock, Nick and his team are preparing to reach out to the greater Georgetown community to help even more Veterans connect with those who understand the special needs of navigating a new civilian life, and making sure they know they are not alone. 

Bare Block Party 9AM-2PM August 14 • Market Days • Downtown Georgetown Square 

“I want people to know they have someone to reach out to—a lifeline, and events like this make that happen. Look for our table (at Market Days), on August 14. We are bringing more people together in Williamson County and beyond to make sure they know about and are able to take advantage of this wonderful support system,” Nick says.

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