Our Approach

The writers and staff of The Georgetown View are committed to the idea (and the hashtag) that Georgetown is the greatest city on planet Earth.

Every month we bring you feature stories about the most interesting and relevant people and events in Georgetown; plus snapshots (Panoramas) about things that will inform, educate and help you live your best life in Georgetown.

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Meet the Team

Our principal writers and production staff live here, work here, and are involved in the community on a personal level
so all the writing we do is personal to us too.


Catherine Payne


Cathy, like many of the best in her craft, has a specialized degree—in her case, hard science—and a gift for writing. She found her voice and fulfillment reporting and writing news and magazine features for a regional Central Texas audience.


Ann Marie Kennon

Editor, Writer

Ann Marie has been writing and designing, in myriad commercial and community lanes, for close to 30 years. A native of Northern Virginia, she loves living  and writing in a community where people know and care about each other; and the "news" is everything from dog parks to criminal justice.


Charlotte Kovalchuk

Contributing Writer

Covering the Georgetown community isn’t hard for Charlotte Kovalchuk – after all, it’s been her home for the last 20 years. She loves Georgetown, from its charming downtown and mom and pop shops to its amazing library and scenic parks. Charlotte holds a bachelor’s in English and has a background in journalism. She now works as a freelance writer for several local publications. She is happy to use her pen to uplift readers with inspiring tales of the life, activities and people of Georgetown, Texas.


Megan Freedman

Contributing Writer

Meg is a published author who has worked in writing, communications, and marketing for many years.  She is the owner of Scribbler Writing and Promotions where she assists small businesses with marketing, promotion, and website design. While writing is her passion, she is also a medical nerd, voracious reader, and amateur chef.

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