A New Leash on Life from Harley’s Angels

Finding the place you’re meant to be is not always easy, especially later in life. When Kelly Willmott retired and moved to Sun City with her husband almost four years ago, she immediately began searching for a new purpose in this stage of her life. She tried volunteering at various shelters, learning new languages and sports; all good ways to connect with her community, but none really spoke to her. Then she found Harley’s Angels Sanctuary.

Kelly always loved animals, and says her career in the federal government, helping soldiers in combat, was one of the greatest experiences of her life. “Talking with the soldiers every day, helping them,” Kelly says, “It was the best job of my life. I wanted to find some way to give back. Now I’m giving back to dogs.” Kelly began volunteering at Harley’s Angels a week after one special dog joined the sanctuary too, giving birth to nine puppies. Kelly spent the first few months of her volunteer time there watching these puppies all grow up and find their forever homes. Their mom is still up for adoption to any loving new family.


Harley’s Angels is a small sanctuary for dogs and cats, located on a beautiful piece of land in Florence. Run by a small coalition of people who work tirelessly with healthy and sustainable supplies to provide dogs and cats a sanctuary, Kelly immediately felt at home. Kelly says taking care of rescued animals and enjoying the company of the other volunteers has awakened a true passion for her. 

Working hard together has allowed Kelly and fellow volunteer Lisa Dixon to become friends. Such a small sanctuary in desperate need of more donations from locals with hearts for animals has been a rewarding and uplifting part of their lives after moving to Sun City.

“I can’t change a lot,” Kelly says. “But I can make a small change, even if that is taking care of 50 dogs.”


Small changes like Kelly’s add up, and she understands the importance of encouraging others to help. Change an animal’s life for the better by visiting Harley’s Angels Sanctuary on Facebook to adopt, donate, or provide supplies. Not every animal is available for adoption, but all are deserving of love and care. Click here to help.