A.M.E.’s “New” Mighty Cross

Congregants of the historic Wesley Chapel AME Church at 508 W 4th Street gathered last month—for the first time in two years—to celebrate community and the power of giving. The church family reunited to hang a new cross gifted by local carpenter Chris Gossett, who was instrumental in the church’s recent renovation. 

During renovations, Chris separated a piece of the old church wood, which had stood for more than 100 years, and fashioned a cross from it for the congregation. 

It was not the first time the church dedicated a new cross. Reverend Dr. William Quickley recalled, “We had a older cross donated by former patrons years ago. Unfortunately, during renovations and cleaning, the cross was misplaced. The new cross is a bit bigger and it was very kind of Chris to make it for us. We are happy to have it just in time for Easter services.” 

While the people who call Wesley Chapel their home had not met since early 2020, Dr. Quickley and First Lady Adrienne Evans-Quickley made the decision to assemble to celebrate the momentous occasion. Chris, who has attended the church for years, said, “Everybody takes from their community. It’s important to give back.” There will be a formal dedication to come for the new old cross, but the simplicity of an evening together to hang it was a time for excitement.

Dr. Quickley added, “This was the culminating event and represented the totality of the blessing we received from Jimmy Jacobs and his people who did the renovation on the church. It was a very moving and humbling experience to receive the cross into the church and all of Jimmy and Chris’ efforts will not be forgotten.”